MAFS stars slammed by OnlyFans creator: 'Slap in the face'

An OnlyFans creator has hit out at reality TV stars joining the adult subscription website, saying that it feels like an ‘easy cash grab’.

The US influencer, who goes by the name Cherry The Mistress online, has addressed the new trend for contestants from shows like Married At First Sight joining OnlyFans after receiving a jump in popularity.

L: OnlyFans creator Cherry The Mistress shows off her unshaved armpits. R: Olivia Frazer poses in white lingerie
An OnlyFans creator has slammed reality TV contestants for joining the platform. Photo: Instagram/cherrythemistressofficial & olivefrazer

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, the young sex worker said she worked hard to grow her online presence so she could make her livelihood on the website.

“Married At First Sight, I’ve heard of people from that show doing OnlyFans, and I’ve heard of people from The Bachelorette, which is the show that’s really popular in the United States doing OnlyFans,” she began. “It feels like a slap in the face sometimes, because they already have you know hundreds of thousands of followers, if not millions.”


MAFS ‘villain’ Olivia Frazer shocked fans when she joined OnlyFans after appearing on the show, and boasted that she made an eye-watering $10,000 during her first 12 hours on the site.

Cherry says it feels like a blatant "cash grab", and says that celebrities on the platform can add a "negative connotation for other sex workers".

“They can join the site, boom, make like 10k in a day. Whereas smaller creators that aren’t celebrities, it definitely takes us a lot more time and effort to build our presence online," she adds. “It’s kind of upsetting seeing celebrities do that."

L: Jessika Power poses in a bikini. R: Hayley Vernon poses in a bikini
Former MAFS brides Jessika Power and Hayley Vernon have become successful OnlyFans creators. Photo: Instagram/jessika_power & hayleyvernon_

‘I make $22,500 to $30,000 per month’

The OnlyFans star says she stumbled onto her new career out of necessity, after finding that she was ‘struggling’ with bills while working at a coffee shop.

While she made around $2,700 AUD per month as a barista, she can now earn anywhere from approximately $22,500 to $30,000 AUD per month.

“Honestly, when I heard about it, it was at the beginning of the pandemic and I heard a lot of people were doing it, and a lot of people were making crazy amounts of money.

“I was kind of struggling financially, so I was like, ‘Why not give this a shot? Why not see if this could work for me?’,” she remembers.


Although it does seem like an extremely large income, she’s quick to tell us that she works hard for the money. Cherry puts 50 to 60 hours of work per week into her content creation and social media, but is lucky enough that she can support herself and her boyfriend.

“[My boyfriend] is really supportive. He’s kind like of my stay-at-home husband now because I work so much that I don’t have time to cook, clean,” she spills.

L: Cherry The Mistress poses in e low cut top, glasses and bikini bottoms. R: Cherry The Mistress poses in a bikini
Cherry is a 'hairy creator' and hopes to inspire other women. Photo: Instagram/cherrythemistressofficial

Trolls call Cherry ‘disgusting’, ‘gross’ and ‘every name in the book’

The OnlyFans star is a self-described ‘hairy creator’, meaning that she doesn’t remove any body hair. She finds herself constantly receiving thousands of hate comments daily because of her choice.

“I’ve gotten so many comments, a lot of them can range from you know, ‘you’re disgusting', ‘you’re gross’, ‘you need to shave’.

“I’ve been called ‘Sasquatch’, just every name in the book. I’ve been told ‘you’ll never find a boyfriend and you’ll die alone’ and all this stuff. I’ve been told a lot, for years,” she admits.

Cherry brushes off the criticism and says she’s proud of her body hair, addressing the ‘double standard’ when it comes to women.

“It was just a personal decision [to stop shaving] that I wanted to do because I thought shaving was really not necessary, and I feel it’s such a double standard that women are expected to shave whereas men aren’t. It ended up working out where hairy was something that a lot of guys like,” she explains.

The influencer loves that she can help “normalise having body hair as a feminine presenting person”, and says it brings her joy when people say she’s inspired her.

“People comment on my TikTok videos saying like, ‘I’m a woman and you’ve inspired me not to shave anymore, and ‘I love how confident that you seem’,” she says.

“Seeing that definitely makes me really happy, and I think that’s a cool part of what I do too.”

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