MAFS' Kate reveals mum's thoughts on her OnlyFans with twin sister

Married At First Sight star Kate Laidlaw has opened up about her and her twin sister Bec's joint OnlyFans account and revealed what their mum thinks of it.

The 38-year-old clinical nutritionist, who was an intruder on this year’s season of the reality show, announced in August that she and her sister would be creating X-rated content on the subscription-based platform.

MAFS’ Kate Laidlaw and her twin sister Bec wearing lingerie.
MAFS’ Kate and her twin sister Bec created a joint OnlyFans account in August. Photo: Instagram/katelaidlaw_

“We were a bit scared to do it at first, but everyone was asking and we thought, 'Let's do it!’,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“People always ask if one of us is gay. I think there's a twin fetish out there that we're trying to appeal to. We're doing some great content and had one fan write to us and say we have 'the best asses in Australia’.”


While the sisters don’t speak with their dad, Kate says that their mother is extremely supportive of the joint venture.

“Our mum is supportive of anything we do!” she said. “She is proud but won't be a part of [any content].”

MAFS’ Kate and Bec Laidlaw wearing lingerie.
Kate said that their mum is proud of their OnlyFans venture. Photo: Instagram/katelaidlaw_

‘Cheeky sexy content’

Kate’s comments come shortly after she told Yahoo Lifestyle that she was inspired by her fellow season nine cast members to sign up for OnlyFans.

So far, Domenica Calarco, Olivia Frazer, Jackson Lonie, Mitch Eynaud, Daniel Holmes and Jessica Seracino have all created accounts on the website.

“Obviously OnlyFans was a big topic this year on MAFS,” she said. “It lead to a lot of people asking me and me and my sister if we were going to an OnlyFans.

“After a lot of thinking and planning, we decided to be brave and to do it. Other MAFS and reality TV stars did influence us into looking more into it.”

She went on to explain that in addition to sharing “cheeky sexy content”, she and her sister will be sharing nutrition and fitness tips on their account.

“It feels like a platform where I can be myself and show people more about me,” she continued. “It feels empowering and has helped Bec and I build so much confidence in ourselves. It’s helped us to embrace our true selves.”

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