MAFS' Mishel reveals impressive OnlyFans earnings: 'Pretty good'

She’s become of the most popular content creators on OnlyFans since joining last year, and now Married At First Sight’s Mishel Karen has shared an insight into how much money she’s earned on the adult subscription-based platform.

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle at Sydney Sexpo over the weekend, the 51-year-old spoke openly about her X-rated account and revealed the most amount of money she’s made in a month.

MAFS' Mishel Karen.
MAFS’ Mishel Karen has opened up about her OnlyFans account and the type of content she creates. Photo: Instagram/mishel_meshes

“It was about $48,000,” she shared. “It's pretty good. It’s not like the other girls but the thing is, I'm double their age and I have a very unique market.”

Mishel went on to admit that OnlyFans isn’t as profitable as some people might think because there are plenty of outlays that come with the job.

“You’ve got to find locations, you’ve got to book AirBnbs. You can't just keep filming at home,” she explained.

“You need to get lighting and pay cameramen, and then you buy all this lingerie. The outfit I'm wearing now, I can't wear it again after doing photoshoots… I’m not complaining, the money is still good, but yeah.”


Mishel is one of many former MAFS participants who post explicit content on OnlyFans, including her season seven co-star Hayley Vernon.

The 35-year-old, who also works as a high-class escort, recently revealed that she has made a staggering $1.3 million since joining OnlyFans in August 2020.

Meanwhile, Olivia Frazer earned $80,000 in her first month on the site, and Jessika Power is believed to have made around $200,000 in her best month.

MAFS' Mishel Karen.
Mishel says she creates ‘mummy fantasy’ content on OnlyFans. Photo: Instagram/mishel_meshes

‘Mummy fantasy’

Speaking about the type of content she posts on OnlyFans, Mishel said that she has plenty of subscribers who pay for a “mummy fantasy”.

“They call me mummy and they want to be scolded or reprimanded or told that they've done something naughty - and they want to be instructed on what they’re allowed to do,” she detailed.

“I think it's guys that are in powerful positions and maybe they were in trouble a lot when they were young… I don’t know. Everyone has something different and I'm not judging them. There's a lot of poo and wee requests as well.”

She went on to share how OnlyFans has had an effect on her love life and prevented her from finding a partner.

“I think after MAFS it was hard, but then now doing OnlyFans, it's really hard,” she said.

“So many guys are very insecure. They say, ‘Oh yeah, that's cool’ but when it comes to it, they’re not really secure in themselves. And the thing is, I’m going to continue shooting content with other people, guys and girls, and if you're not up to that then you're probably not my person.”

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