MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Stars expose strict rules cast must follow while the show is airing

Janelle Han and Ollie Skelton revealed a few behind-the-scenes secrets that the show asks of its participants.

If you're a big lover of Married At First Sight, you may have heard the cast is made to follow some pretty strict rules in order to not spoil the show as the season airs.

From not talking to media unless they have approval from Channel Nine, to avoiding being publicly seen with each other, two former MAFS stars have revealed which rules really stuck, and also spilt the tea on how some rules differ for different couples too.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle's Behind The Edit podcast, season 10 stars Janelle Han and Ollie Skelton revealed some juicy insider details of what rules they had to follow while filming the show.

Janelle Han, Adam Seed, Ollie Skelton and Tahnee Cook on MAFS
Janelle was matched with Adam in the 2023 season, and Ollie with Tahnee. Photo: Nine

Janelle on how to not 'ruin' the storyline

"The rules that Nine give you, is if you're out in public, you must wear your wedding ring at all times so you don't ruin the storyline for viewers," Janelle, who was 'married' to Adam Seed, told us.

"When you get opportunities to sit with media, you also get told to imagine how you felt at the time as the show is airing, so there were a lot of interviews I had to do where I knew the end result, obviously, of my relationship, but I had to sit there and be like, 'no we're doing so well, we're getting to know each other!'" she continued.

"You have to pretend that you're still in that relationship until you officially leave the show."

Ollie on the two strict rules Nine expects the cast to follow

For Ollie, who continued his relationship with match Tahnee Cook until they split at the end of last year, he said the network didn't pass on any overly strict rules as the couple were still together when they left the show.

"They were like go frolic and be yourself because we were together, so if we get snapped, what does it look like? It could be during the show," he said.

Ollie also verified Janelle's comments about the wedding rings.

"You had to keep your ring on you, the whole time," he said. "Mine ended up just being a $10 ring from Lovisa because I shook mine down the bin chute and it fell off."

Ollie admitted he lost his wedding ring while filming the MAFS experiment. Photo: Nine
Ollie admitted he lost his wedding ring while filming the MAFS experiment. Photo: Nine


Romantic relationship rules aside, Ollie also said the participants are warned about reaching out to ex-MAFS stars ahead of their own season.

"The MAFS higher-ups would tell you not to do that, they specifically say 'don't be friends with the ex-cast'," he said. "I specifically remember two things: don't be friends with the press and don't be friends with the ex-cast."

"I think in retrospect, they don't want anyone with experience who has done the show or reported on the show, to say 'hey don't do this' or 'hey do this'."

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