MAFS' Melissa reveals shocking details about Josh: 'Isn't true'

Married at First Sight's Melissa has come out swinging following her explosive commitment ceremony.

The hearts of Australians broke on Sunday night after Married at First Sight star Josh White was brought to tears over his relationship with 'bride' Melissa Sheppard.

However, Melissa has come out swinging on Monday morning saying she was completely "blindsided" by how their relationship was edited for TV.

Speaking to KISS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show, Melissa claimed Josh was kind to her face and she had no idea he would break down during his one-on-ones with the show's producers.

"Josh is a very different person in front of me and then he would go to these things called voxies and break down," she said.

"I felt like I was sleeping with a secret assassin ... he would be so kind to my face and then behind doors breakdown and I had no idea.

"I was 100 per cent blindsided."

Melissa Sheppard speaks to Kyle and Jackie O.
Melissa Sheppard made some shocking claims about her relationship with Josh. Source: Supplied

During Sunday's commitment ceremony, Josh revealed to the experts that Melissa, a self-proclaimed 'freak in the sheets' was not only fixated on having sex but also controlled who he could speak to, how long he could read and watch TV and be on his phone.

Speaking on the radio, Melissa claimed, "That's absolutely not true".

When Kyle Sandilands asked why she didn't say anything and defend herself Melissa said it was because he was "breaking down".

"I don't want to add any more fuel to the fire," she said.


While people defended Josh on Twitter following the commitment ceremony, where experts broke protocol and let Josh leave the experiment despite Melissa writing stay, Melissa said there was no "poor Josh", adding he had got some action since leaving the experiment, alluding to his brief fling with co-star Lyndall Grace after filming wrapped.

Josh and Melissa had a rocky end to their relationship. Source: Channel Nine
Josh and Melissa had a rocky end to their relationship. Source: Channel Nine

Melissa told Kyle and Jackie O she had not spoken to Josh since the experiment but had reached out to him after the commitment ceremony.

"My heart even broke for him, and I was very compassionate and very caring but I couldn't say anything. I just sat there. I was shocked," she said.

"Three hours before He was taking a selfie of me in my black dress and he was very happy."

When Kyle suggested Josh might have been saving his tears for the camera, Melissa said she didn't feel it was "100 per cent honest".

On Monday morning Josh told Nova's Fitzy & Wippa he hoped Melissa had some time to reflect since the filming of the show wrapped.

Josh broke down after Melissa said their sex was 'transactional'. Source: Channel Nine
Josh broke down after Melissa said their sex was 'transactional'. Source: Channel Nine

"I hope that there's a bit of a reflection, you know, the way that she behaved in the way that maybe she treated me and the things that she said and that's probably only a question that she could answer fairly," he said.


"I went in there hoping to meet someone and then I kind of conceded that if it didn't work, then maybe someone will watch it and say that's quite a nice guy that I would want to spend the rest of my life with. So that was my motivation in going in."

Josh also called on the Australian public to stop "attacking and bullying" Melissa online.

"I don't enjoy reading any of those comments. It doesn't raise me up or make me feel good in myself in any way," he said.

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