MAFS' Seb Guilhaus reveals 'traumatic' car accident

Former Married at First Sight groom Seb Guilhaus shocked fans overnight when he revealed the terrifying moment his car burst into flames on a busy highway, forcing him to narrowly escape the vehicle before the entire thing caught light.

The reality star and partner of MAFS favourite, Lizzie Sobinoff, was driving along a busy highway at 95 km/hour when he noticed smoke inside the car, that quickly turned into flames moment after he pulled over and exited the vehicle.

Lizzie Sobinoff and Seb Guilhaus in care wearing Christmas hats
Seb Guilhaus had a frightening near-miss when his car burst into flames. Photo: Instagram/seb.guilhaus

Sharing a frightening image of the burnt out husk of the Ford Falcon, he shared the details of what he called the ‘traumatic’ incident with his fans.

“After about a minute and in a panic I realised that some precious things were in the car,” he wrote. “I sprinted, assuming the car was about to blow, grabbed my camera, my phone and bag with I.D. and odd bits and bobs, leaving the rest.”

Image of burnt car MAFS star
Seb managed to save some item from the car before it completely burnt down. Photo: Instagram/seb.guilhaus
Burnt car image side of road MAFS Seb and Lizzie car accident
Seb lost the car and up to $10k worth of business equipment. Photo: Instagram/seb.guilhaus

“A gallant knight driving a huge truck literally jumped out, grabbed a fire extinguisher and tried to stop the ravenous flames from eating the car and the brush on the side of the road. It was too late.”

He went on to reveal that tragically he lost the car and up to $10,000 of equipment he used to run his fitness business Wellness Warriors.


In a heart-warming twist, Seb revealed that a group of his clients had raised decided to funds to partially replace the equipment he had lost as a surprise gesture.

“I literally couldn't handle it,” he wrote. “I couldn't believe these amazing human beings had been so kind and so loving.”

Seb declined to comment further on the story.

Seb Lizzie MAFS couple terrifying car fire
Seb and Lizzie are long-time fan favourites from the drama-fuelled show. Photo: Instagram/seb.guilhaus

Seb and Lizzie were a standout couple of 2020’s season of Married at First Sight, with Lizzie returning to the series for a second go after first appearing back in 2019.

Their terrifying ordeal comes as drama of a different kind bubbles away in another part of the MAFS world.

A highly anticipated Married At First Sight: All-Stars special was confirmed by Channel Nine late last year, and has already sparked plenty of controversy between one former ‘villain’ storming out and a wine-fight between two other fan favourites confirmed by both parties.

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