MAFS' Seb Guilhaus addresses dramatic transformation

Former MAFS star Sebastian Guilhaus has addressed the dramatic transformation he's undergone since his time on the show in 2020.

Seb's followers have noticed the former professional footballer, who now works as a porn star and personal trainer, is looking different, with one follower asking, "What has happened to your face and lips?"

MAFS' Seb Guilhaus and Lizzie Sobinoff
Sebastian Guilhaus during his time on MAFS in 2020 with 'wife' Lizzie Sobinoff. Photo: Nine

Others commented that the former reality star looks 'amazing'.


In new images, the 35-year-old appears much more tanned, has fuller lips and no lines and wrinkles.

However, Seb has addressed his 'transformation', telling Daily Mail he hasn't had anything done other than a little Botox.

MAFS' Seb Guilhau
Seb now seemingly has plumper lips and smoother-looking skin. Photo: Instagram/Seb Guilhaus

"I think the main difference is the addition of the beard and colouring of eyebrows and beard," he said. "I've just had Botox for the second time, predominately in my forehead, and a tiny bit on my crow's feet. I didn't want to vaporise my expression."

He also admitted to using more fake tan and is more muscular after competing in a fitness competition.

MAFS' Hayley Vernon defends Seb after pair make X-rated movie

It comes after Seb was slammed on social media for creating an X-rated movie with fellow former MAFS star Hayley Vernon.

Taking to the Instagram comments of a post Seb shared teasing their film, Hayley wrote, "Seriously the amount of hate @seb is coping is not unbelievable I actually get it! Most of these peoples fell in love with a one-dimensional version of [Seb] that was shown through the a TV camera- and the was heavily manipulated to not actually show Seb's true persona- [he's] far more complex, funny, witty, strong and multifaceted and the fact you are ripping him down says [an] awful lot more about your selves than him - let the man do what he wants.

"Fancy going out of your way to spread hate to someone you like or dislike off a TV show - you like a character - you don’t even know the real man - boot off."

Seb's followers shared their thoughts on the pair's collaboration with one user writing, "Time to unfollow..obviously the fitness thing hasn't worked out if your on OnlyFans."

"Time to unfollow," another said.

"Totally disappointed in you, Seb," a third added.


Others were supportive, with one user writing, "Everything you learned in drama school finally paying off brother! I kinda pictured you in action movies killing baddies, ironically this role description is pretty similar tho."

"You guys! This is going to be so [hot], proud of you both," fellow former MAFS and OnlyFans star Olivia Frazer added.

"As someone who currently does OF, I understand why people are commenting such horrid things," another said. "I understand their POV, but at the end of the day, it’s our bodies, our lives and our decisions."

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