MAFS' Ollie reveals surprising reason he'd return to the show: 'Hell yes'

The season 10 groom is keen on coming back for a future season.

Across 10 seasons of Married At First Sight, Ollie Skelton is one of the few participants to have found love in the experiment.

And despite the fact that he is still in a solid relationship with his partner Tahnee Cook, with the pair recently moving house together, the season 10 star reveals he would love to return to the reality show in the near future.

MAFS’ Ollie Skelton.
MAFS’ Ollie Skelton says he’d love to return to the reality show in a surprising new role. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle following the release of his new podcast TOSSER, the 26-year-old voice-over artist says he would be very keen to appear on MAFS as the narrator.

“Hell yes I’d return as the narrator,” he shares. “I don’t think they’d do it, but that would be funny.

“Only if I can give it a little Love Island spin, just watered down. That guy’s crazy, he’s very funny though.”


Ollie points out that the show’s long-time narrator, Georgie Gardner, would often make savage remarks about himself and Tahnee during the show.

“Sometimes that narrator would get you with a little zing,” he recalls. “[She would say things like] ‘as Tahnee and Ollie figure out where Fiji is’. Like, hey!”

MAFS’ Ollie Skelton on his podcast TOSSER.
MAFS’ Ollie Skelton says he’d love to return to the reality show in a surprising new role. Photo: Channel Nine

Ollie's new podcast

Earlier this week Ollie launched his new podcast TOSSER, which stands for ‘The Ollie Skelton Show Everyone Rates’, with fellow MAFS groom Rupert Bugden as his first guest.

While he’s very aware of how common it is for former reality stars to release a podcast shortly after their stint on TV, he says it’s a “wacko stereotype” he’s happy to play into.

“I was like, if I was to do it, it's gotta be ironic in a way that this is exactly what everybody expects you to do. So kind of taking the mick out of it,” he shares.

“In between [when the show finished filming and started airing] I was like, I’ve been gifted this exposure and this audience, is there anything that I can do or something that I am passionate about? And I've got a degree in journalism and broadcasting so I thought, why the hell not?”


Ollie describes TOSSER as less of an interview podcast and more of himself and his friends hanging out, and says fans can expect a number of other MAFS stars to make an appearance.

“We had Evelyn [Ellis] on and I had hired someone on StarNow for $100 to be a fake psychic and come in and say all these things that I knew Evelyn had told me in passing,” he laughs.

“I had this idea with Tayla [Winter], and I don't think it's going to come to fruition, but I wanted to do a fake lie detector on her and get someone to pretend that they’re the proper person,” he laughs. “And then her answers would just be consistently the opposite of what she thinks they are, so she’d be like, ‘No, Ollie, come on! This is not happening!’."

'The dream'

Looking towards the future, Ollie shares that his biggest goal with the podcast is to build a loyal community of listeners.

“It doesn't have to have the crazy number of views or anything like that because it's niche, it's odd, it’s a little bit bizarre,” he remarks. “But I’d prefer to have 1000 loyal fans rather than 200,000 fans that just dabble in it for five seconds.

“Right now I think it's just taking every little step as it comes in and it’s all building blocks and finding the personality of the show as well. I'd love it if in a year someone’s like, ‘Have you heard this dude's podcast?’ and then somebody else says, ‘Oh, he was on MAFS’, and they go, ‘Oh, s**t, I didn’t even know that’. That would be part of the dream.”

Listen to TOSSER on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or YouTube.

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