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The popular body wash that gets rid of back pimples for good: 'Amazing'

Say goodbye to bacne once and for all with this cult-buy back wash.

Just because the skin on your body is hidden during winter doesn't mean you shouldn't look after it. Thankfully, these shoppers have discovered a $14 solution to uncomfortable bacne and body breakouts that they're calling a "godsend."

Frank Body's Clearing Body Wash
Frank Body's Clearing Body Wash, $14, gets rid of bacne and blackheads. Photo: Supplied

Frank Body's Clearing Body Wash is made with blemish-busting salicylic acid to get rid of dead skin, reduce excess oil, and take out whiteheads and blackheads for good. Word has spread so fast about the hero product that it's already sold out in Priceline stores around the country.

For those who've managed to get their hands on the holy grail wash though, they can't get enough of it. “If you get pimples on your chest, on your back, anywhere really you need to try this body wash," says one.


“I’ve been using this for a year on my hormonal acne-prone skin and there is no going back to, well anything else," agrees another. "My pimples are much more under control."

Frank Body's Clearing Body Wash
Frank Body's Clearing Body Wash contains salicylic acid, Kakadu plum, Vitamin B and Aloe Vera. Photo: Supplied

The wash is specially formulated to clear skin and help reduce breakouts. As well as the salicylic acid, it also contains Vitamin B which helps reduce body acne and blemishes, as well as balancing skin and preventing premature signs of ageing.

The Kakadu plum in the formula is also great for getting rid of blemishes, helping sun-damaged skin and delivering a hefty dose of Vitamin C. There's also hydrating aloe vera to leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

“After using it for a few months my bacne went away completely," says one user. "Now I just use it as a preventative measure.”

"This product has worked wonders," agrees another. "The results are amazing."

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