MAFS' Richard on the 'annoying' rule he wishes he broke during filming

EXCLUSIVE: The motivational speaker admits he’s ‘annoyed’ he stuck by the rules.

Married At First Sight’s Richard Sauerman has revealed there’s one major rule he wishes he broke while filming the popular reality show last year.

The 62-year-old groom tells Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind the Edit podcast that while he typically “hates rules”, he became a strict rule follower when he signed up for the series.

MAFS’ Richard Sauerman.
MAFS’ Richard Sauerman has revealed the ‘annoying’ rule he wishes he broke while filming the reality show. Photo: Channel Nine

“I always sort of break rules and that's how I live my life, I'm very unconventional actually. But when I went into this experiment, I made a decision that I'm not going to resist and I'm not going to fight the process,” he says.

“There’s no point, it’s going to make it harder for me, so I just said I'm going to go with it and stick by the rules and go with the flow. I actually navigated that quite well so I was proud of myself for actually doing that because that's not how I roll.”


When asked if there were any rules he wishes he went against looking back at his experience, Richard admits there was one that “really annoyed” him.

“The producers gave us a production phone and said, ‘Use this phone to take photographs and videos of your relationship, but not on your own phone. You can't do it on your own phone’. So I did that,” he recalls.

“Afterwards, I see all these posts going up with all the other couples about intimate moments and things clearly taken on another phone. So I email [the producers] and I go, ‘Guys what's the story? Are you getting the photographs and things out of our production phones as well? Because all we're getting is the formal publicity shots’.

“And they were like, ‘Oh no we can't access anything on anyone's production phone, the production phones are out of action’. So everyone else had all these social media posts of them living their lives and stuff behind the scenes which Channel Nine are now happily posting and we were told not to do that. So I stuck by the rules and it just annoyed me. I would’ve done that differently and used my own phone and gone mad and taken lots of photos.”

MAFS’ Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper taking an elevator selfie / Jade Pywell and Ridge Barredo taking a mirror selfie.
Richard admits he was ‘annoyed’ seeing everyone else’s photos on social media which they had taken on their personal phones. Photos: Channel Nine

The surprising groom Richard has stayed in contact with

Richard went on to say that he “knew the least about anybody” in the cast because he followed the rules and avoided meeting up with the other participants outside of the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies.

“My business was Andie and me. I wasn't interested in anybody else's business,” he says. “I didn't have anybody else's phone number at all except Andie’s. I was at none of the before parties and after dinners. I’ve seen the photographs and I was just not there at all.”


Post-show, Richard says the only cast member he has stayed in close contact with is Jack Dunkley, which he acknowledges would surprise fans.

“He’s not going to be my best mate, but he's a really solid guy and a good guy,” he shares. “I speak to Jack every week and anything I say to him doesn't go to anybody else.

“You’ve got to talk to someone, so I talk to Jack. If I go to the Gold Coast I will for sure Jack and Tori [Adams] and go out with them for dinner, 100 per cent.”

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