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The 'life-changing' serum shoppers say instantly reduces wrinkles: 'This is amazing'

This award-winning product promises filler-like results without an injection.

Are you looking to achieve youthful, fresh looking skin but shudder at the thought of needles? Well, you can breathe out a sigh of relief because Invity's Youth Activating Instant Filler serum will give your face an injection of youth without having to resort to dermal filler injectables.

The first of its kind to exist on the market, Invity's Youth Activating Instant Filler is a non-invasive serum that instantly lifts the skin and significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Unlike modern dermal fillers, which mostly contain hyaluronic acid, this anti-ageing serum features an advanced formula of clinically-validated, hyaluronic acid technology, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), and collagen-boosting botanical extracts to breathe new life in to your complexion.

Woman holding Youth Activating Instant Filler Serum in a syringe
Invity’s Youth Activating Instant Filler Serum will give your face an injection of youth without the need for injectables. Source: Invity

The serum's patented hyaluronic acid technology is designed to deliver a flash filler effect to address fine lines and sagging skin, meaning within 60 minutes of applying the serum your skin will appear visibly firmer and younger looking. You'll also benefit from the unique blend of silanetriol and rhamnose, which works to replenish the skin’s natural silicium content, improving skin elasticity and resilience.


Meanwhile, the serum is specially formulated with sodium acetyl hyaluronate – a key ingredient which is able to sink deeper into the skin and deliver a moisture boost at a deep cellular level. It also retains moisture more effectively than regular hyaluronic acid, so your skin is evidently more hydrated and remains smoother for longer.

Comparison of woman's face before and after using serum
A recent survey of users showed proven results, with 96% noticing an improvement in skin firmness after using the Invity serum. Source: Invity

Considered a scientific breakthrough in needleless and pressureless anti-ageing and wrinkle-reducing solutions, the innovative serum has been recognised globally, as the Silver Award winner in the Global Green Beauty Awards 2022. A recent survey of users also showed proven results, with 96% noticing an improvement in skin firmness and 70% observing a reduction in fine lines after using the serum.

Shoppers rave about 'amazing' results

Shoppers are also raving about the jaw-dropping results from the Invity serum online, with hundreds of five-star reviews claiming it is "great", "amazing", and "life changing".

"This is amazing! I have been using it for a few weeks now and it always tightens my skin after the product is absorbed. Love this!" wrote one shopper in their five-star review. Another wrote: "Skin tightening, pore minimising and decrease in fine lines instantly! Without the use of needles. Run to get this! This is the product of 2023!"

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