MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Tahnee admits she feels 'pressure' for her and Ollie to last

Tahnee and Ollie are one of the few success stories to come out of Married At First Sight.

Since the beginning of this year’s season of Married At First Sight, Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton have been one of the strongest couples the reality show has ever seen.

The pair had an instant connection at their wedding, consistently wrote ‘stay’ at the commitment ceremonies, and chose to continue their relationship at final vows during Monday night’s episode.

MAFS’ Ollie and Tahnee at final vows.
MAFS’ Ollie and Tahnee chose to stay together at final vows. Photo: Channel Nine

However, Tahnee has now opened up about life after the experiment and says she “one hundred per cent” feels pressure from the public for her and Ollie to last.

“It’s a lot of pressure from people putting us up on a weird pedestal because they see us on TV and they’re like, ‘Oh my god they’re so cute I want them to work out’,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Seeing that we’re like, we don’t want to live up to this high expectation of people. But it’s nice that people feel that way about us.”


Tahnee went on to explain that there are three phases in the MAFS experience which each come with its own set of difficulties: the filming, the airing, and what happens after.

“It's very weird and not many people can say they’re in this position,” she says. “You’re thrown into the public eye as a team and a unit and there are going to be people that want to see you fail and want to see you be broken apart.

“We just have to ignore it, and I think for us we’re really big on communicating everything. Ollie’s very big on talking about every little thing just to make sure there's no confusion or no holding back, and I think this is just another part of it.”

MAFS’ Ollie and Tahnee wearing pink at the final dinner party.
‘It's very weird and not many people can say they’re in this position.’ Photo: Channel Nine

'The odds are against us'

While season 10 produced two successful couples with Tahnee and Ollie and Melinda Willis and Layton Mills, only five other pairs have found love across the entire series.

Tahnee admits that she was aware of the low success rate coming onto MAFS and knew the odds were stacked against her, but still tried her best with Ollie to make it work.

“At the beginning, me and Ollie had a conversation where we were like, let’s give this a shot,” she recalls. “We want to work through both of our negatives and positives and really just give it one hundred per cent. The odds are against us, there’s only been however many success stories and it’s not looking good for us, but let's just not feel the pressure of that and assume it could go to s**t.

“I think we had that positive mindset to be like, let’s just see how we go and not put too much pressure on ourselves and just give it a red hot go. It's hard because you’re thinking, oh my god there’s such a slim chance, but there was just something where I just knew it was going to work and I just had a feeling.

“I was like, you know what? Maybe this is how you meet someone. Maybe this is something crazy and something wild to do and it could pay off.”

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