MAFS' Olivia Frazer reveals why she blocked Jessika Power on Instagram

Married At First Sight’s Olivia Frazer has finally addressed her ‘feud’ with fellow TV bride and OnlyFans creator Jessika Power after revealing last month that she had blocked the season six star on Instagram.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Sunday, Olivia explained that she had decided to block Jessika after seeing that she and Domenica Calarco were talking about her online.

MAFS' Olivia Frazer and Jessika Power.
MAFS’ Olivia Frazer has finally addressed her ‘feud’ with fellow reality TV star Jessika Power. Photos: Instagram/olivefrazer / jessikapower

“She’s a little bit subtle, but obviously I bother her. Like, obviously I annoy her or something,” she said.

“So I just thought, I’ll save you some drama and I’ll just block you because that way you don’t have to see me. So that’s all that was.”


The drama between the two MAFS ‘villains’ first began when Jessika labelled Olivia’s behaviour on the show as “disgusting” and “horrible”.

The pair appeared to clear the air when Olivia, who shares the same manager as Jessika, showed up at one of her events.

Reality TV gossip page The Wash captured the meeting in their documentary Jessika Power: Unfiltered, which shows Jessika telling Olivia that she stands by her comment that her behaviour was “disgusting” but she has no real problem with Olivia herself.

However, things kicked off again in June when Olivia claimed that she had earned “more than Jess Power's best month” on OnlyFans in her first few weeks on the adult subscription-based platform.

MAFS' Olivia Frazer talking about Jessika Power on her Instagram Story.
‘I just thought, I’ll save you some drama and I’ll just block you because that way you don’t have to see me.’ Photos: Instagram/olivefrazer

‘What a clown’

After Olivia shared a screenshot of her blocked list on her Instagram Story last month, Jessika took to social media to clap back.

“Who is this chick!? She went from following me to unfollowing me (maybe because I didn’t follow her back) and now to apparently blocking me,” she wrote in the comments of So Dramatic’s since-deleted repost of Olivia's story.

“What a clown, using my name in that screengrab was a very clear attention-grabbing moment to monopolise her press time and it’s just gross. I met the girl once because she asked my manager if she could attend an event. I spoke to her briefly at my event and that’s because she approached me.”

Jessika went on to call Olivia “desperate and insecure” and concluded her response by saying she “actually never had an issue with her until she started comparing herself then doing snarky things”.

Both Jessika and Olivia have since said that they won’t be putting any more energy into the ‘feud’ in the future.

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