MAFS' Olivia makes bold OnlyFans claim about Jessika Power

Married At First Sight star Olivia Frazer has made a bold claim about her OnlyFans earnings compared to fellow reality TV star and content creator Jessika Power.

Olivia has had a successful start on the adult subscription-based website since launching her account last month, with the star claiming she earned a whopping $10,000 in her first hours of launching her account.

The MAFS 'villain' now claims she has "already made more" than Jessika did in her best month, which was reportedly $200,000.

Jessika joined the platform in August and raked in $50,000 in her first five days on the site.

Olivia Frazer poses in lingerie.
Olivia Frazer claims she had made more on the platform than Jessika Power did in her biggest month. Source: Instagram/OliveFrazer

Speaking to So Dramatic!, Olivia claimed she had also been raking in big figures.

"I won't say a figure but I'll just say I've already made more than Jess Power's best month," she said.

Last week Jessika posted a link to her OnlyFans account on her Instagram Stories alongside a video of her on a London train.

"Sitting on a train down to London surrounded by men in business suits knowing full well I make most of my money from capitalising on my reality TV fame," she said.


'It's revolting and I'm sick of it'

Following her comments to So Dramatic!, Olivia took to her Instagram Story to slam certain publications who have claimed she and Jessika are now in an "OnlyFans war".

"THIS is disgusting," she wrote. "I'm not at 'WAR' with anyone.

"I was using Jess's success as a reference point because it's very well known that she is smashing it. Forgive me for hoping that my success (that I'm incredibly excited about) might be celebrated too.

"NOTHING ELSE. There was nothing else to it. STOP PITTING WOMEN AGAINST EACH OTHER. It's revolting and I'm sick of it."

Jessika Power poses in a Santa costume.
Jessika Power has reportedly earned $200,000 in her biggest OnlyFans month. Source: Instagram/Jessika Power

Bachelor stars slammed for OnlyFans opinion

Olivia's response comes after former Bachelor stars Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston shared their brutal opinion on OnlyFans stars.

Taking to social media last week, the pair responded to a fan asking if they would be following in the footsteps of other reality TV stars with their own OnlyFans account.

“No judgment towards anyone who does have OnlyFans, but I think there has been a little bit of a trend in people coming off reality shows and leveraging that degree of fame to then sell nudes online," Holly said.

Jimmy then added that his issue with the increasing number of people joining OnlyFans is that they claim they’re doing it for “female and male empowerment”.

Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston pose in swimwear.
Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston were slammed for their OnlyFans opinion. Source: Instagram/hollykingston

“I think that’s a load of crap, personally,” he remarked. “I think you should be a role model to the future generations.

“If you want to celebrate male or female empowerment, start a charity, donate to breast cancer awareness or prostate cancer awareness. Do these things.

“I think it’s a way to grab money, and [you should] think about the example you’re setting for the future generations, for your kids when they’re in school."

Former Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield hit out at the couple following their comments, saying she "completely disagreed" with their opinion.

“The tone of voice of like, ‘no judgement, but here's our judgement’ is obviously not ideal,” she began.

“But no one actually asked you guys what you thought the morality around OnlyFans or sex work was, they asked if you would do it. And to be honest, I don't think anyone really cared that much. This kind of felt like a vessel to speak about your dismissal of people who do OnlyFans.”

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