MAFS' Josh caught out in on-air lie: 'I can't believe it'

One fan claimed the lie the Married at First Sight star told producers was a 'red flag'.

In a dramatic episode of Married At First Sight showing the final two weddings, one groom was caught out by his new 'wife' after she discovered he told the producers a lie.

Josh White has been paired with self-proclaimed "freak in the sheets" Melissa Sheppard, who made it very clear from the get-go she wanted to marry a Thor lookalike with a "big hammer".

Josh is stable and dependable and loves Disney so much he even named his children after his favourite characters. He's a romantic at heart, while intimacy seems like the most important thing on the marriage menu for Melissa.

When Melissa saw Josh for the first time she was impressed by the size of his shoes and was clearly ready to consummate the marriage after she touched his backside while they kissed to end their marriage ceremony.

Melissa and Josh kiss on their wedding day.
Melissa and Josh had an instant connection when they met at the altar. Source: Supplied

Once they were relaxing in their room following their wedding, Josh got comfortable in his Toy Story-themed pyjamas while Melissa pulled out a racy black teddy.

"If Josh gets a taste of what I like I think he might like it too," she told producers. "Josh, tonight is going to blow your mind so sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride because it's coming your way."

While everything seemed to be going well for the pair, things took a turn after their wedding night.

Melissa told producers they had been intimate and was seemingly satisfied by the events that took place.

"Last night went off with a bang," she said. "I was looking for a big, burly man to throw me around on the first night and let me tell you, Josh has it covered."


However, when it was Josh's turn to answer questions about what occurred on the wedding night he told producers a complete lie.

"No, last night we just had a really lovely kiss and cuddle and went to bed," he said. "No intimacy progressed. We're older, we don't have to jump into any of that stuff. We've got a lot of time to get to know each other so there's no rush.

"The way that a relationship normally progresses is either you get involved in that kind of stuff straight up or you don't.

"I'm open to taking the time to see when we're both comfortable around that sort of stuff."

Melissa smiles as she speaks to producers.
Melissa was elated as she told the producers about her wedding night with Josh. Source: Channel Nine

Melissa was unaware of what Josh told producers until she discovered he had lied when they were on their honeymoon after he had rejected more of her sexual advances, and chose to call him out in front of the cameras.

MAFS groom slammed for on-air lie

When the cameras cut to their Fiji getaway, Melissa was hiding behind a bush as she said: "I'm concerned you just don't notice when I'm upset."

"I'm a little concerned because I feel like you're not attracted to me."

Josh seemed confused saying, "This is like the first time you've ever flagged 'Do I like you', or words to that effect".

"What have you done to reassure me that you like me?" Melissa asked.

"I've held your hand, I've given you kisses," Josh defended himself before admitting to Melissa he told producers they had not had sex.

"You're lying," Melissa exclaimed.

"I've got some integrity where I keep some things for us," Josh said.

Melissa then teared up as she told producers: "He's been lying about it ... I can't believe it."

Melissa throws her hands up as she confronts Josh.
Melissa called Josh out for lying about their wedding night. Source: Channel Nine

"You can say that you've f***ed me and that we have had sex, and that's OK," Melissa said to Josh, who added he would never "phrase it like that".

"You're so conservative about it," she continued.

"I'm not asking for shots, I'm not asking for videos, there's no diary cam."

Producers then pulled Josh aside to ask again whether they had been intimate to which he confirmed Melissa was not the one who had been lying about the act.

People on Twitter were shocked by Josh's actions following their wedding night.


"Ohhh man poor Melissa is not a liar after all!! Josh is a red flag. Keep it conservative mate sure but don't lie about it," one wrote.

"Melissa may be a sex-crazed insane woman with no idea of boundaries and has her self-worth unhealthily entwined with being seen as sexually attractive, but she’s not a liar," another said.

"What about how perfectly and believably Josh lied. He was tooootally believable. I won’t trust another word out of his mouth. I thought Melissa was weird saying they slept together when they hadn’t. But Josh lied like a f***ing pro.

"Josh, it’s fine to be modest and conservative, but lying about what happened, making everyone think that Melissa was lying is wrong, wrong, wrong. It happened. If you don’t want to admit it on TV for whatever reason, you’re just going to have to go with a coy 'not telling'."

Another fan however defended Josh and claimed Melissa was "being too much".

"There's more to you than sex Melissa. Give him a f***ing second," one tweeted.

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