MAFS viewers divided over Tahnee's surprising Bondi apartment

Married At First Sight fans didn't hold back.

MAFS viewers were left surprised on Tuesday night to see Tahnee Cook's tiny Bondi apartment during her homestay with Ollie Skelton. The 27-year-old showed off her small studio apartment to her 'husband', who was left looking a little surprised.

Ollie joked that the "snug" and "cosy" apartment cost more per week than his townhouse in Perth, adding, "That's on the housing crisis."

MAFS' Ollie
MAFS' Ollie was left shocked when he saw 'wife' Tahnee's small studio apartment. Photo: Nine

"You can give me the tour," he quipped as Tahnee welcomed him into the apartment.

"Here it is," she began with a laugh. "You can see everything in the one space, pretty easy! This is the bedroom, that's the lounge room, that's the beauty room, that's the kitchen."


"She like, refers to little sections as rooms, which I find quite interesting," Ollie told the cameras with a smile. "You wouldn't believe it, but you're actually talking to me in a separate room right now!"

But in sweet Ollie and Tahnee fashion, he added, "In the end, it's not the location, it's the person, so that's what you've got to pursue."

MAFS Tahnee
Tahnee jokingly referred to sections of the studio apartment as different rooms. Photo: Nine
MAFS' Ollie
Ollie joked that the "snug" and "cosy" apartment cost more per week than his townhouse in Perth. Photo: Nine

During a picnic date, Ollie told Tahnee that he could see himself living in Bondi, and spoiler alert, the pair have been spotted together and have moved into a new place since the show finished filming late last year.

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle last month that Ollie "never really returned to Perth and has been living with Tahnee ever since" they finished the experiment.

'Looks real'

MAFS Tahnee and Ollie
Viewers joked that the teepee the pair used on a date was bigger than Tahnee's apartment. Photo: Nine

Fans took to social media to share their thoughts with one user joking, "Damn I thought my one-bedroom apartment was tiny but now I think I might be rich."

"[Tahnee’s] apartment though, is that for real?" another said.

"That teepee is bigger than Tahnee's apartment," a third joked about the teepee the pair sat under for a picnic date.


"Thank goodness Tahnee’s apartment is a shoebox size with no cupboards. No arguments there," someone else joked, referencing Melinda Willis and Layton Mills' argument in the same episode.

"The smallness of that apartment is actually quite shocking," another fan wrote.

"She’s living in a shoebox of an apartment but has Balenciaga shoes," one person pointed out.

"There is nothing wrong with her apartment..she's real," a Facebook user wrote.

Similar apartments have been leased for around $420 per week in Bondi.

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