MAFS fans slam producers for Lyndall and Cam decision: 'Ridiculous'

Married At First Sight viewers have blasted the producer's decision to pair Lyndall and Cam together.

MAFS fans were left furious after Wednesday night’s episode, with Lyndall Grace and Cam Woods struggling to see how their relationship would work after the experiment. In the past few episodes, Cam has been distant from his ‘wife’ as he refused to consider making any compromise about their future living situation.

Cam, 27, is currently based in the Northern Territory as a FIFO carpenter while Lyndall, also 27, works as an accountant in Perth. During the dinner party, the usually bubbly blonde looked distraught and close to tears as Cam was questioned by the group.

L: Cam Woods at a MAFS dinner party. R: Lyndall Grace at a MAFS dinner party
MAFS' Cam and Lyndall are unsure about their future together. Photo: Nine

When Cam was asked if Lyndall should move to Darwin to avoid a long-distance relationship, the participant immediately shut down the idea, revealing that he could be working remotely with no phone reception for “six months to a year”.

“What’s the point of moving, why would you move from Perth away from all your family when I’m not gonna be in Darwin — I’ll still be out remote?” he said, before adding that his career is extremely important to him.


The bride has been open about her health issues with cystic fibrosis, and MAFS viewers slammed the producers’ decision to pair her with Cam.

“It continues to amaze me why they would match people who live so far away from each other. It’s not so bad for young people starting out, but people in their 30’s etc have established careers. They’re already set in their ways and this just adds more conflict,” one fan wrote on Facebook.

Lyndall Grace and Cam Woods at a MAFS dinner party
Lyndall had to hold back tears during the dinner party. Photo: Nine

“Yep! And putting Lyndall who needs constant specialist medical care with someone who lives out bush for months on end was just plain stupidity,” another pointed out.

“Yes I agree, they should match people living in the same state at least,” a third chimed in.

“Surely they give them some sort of questionnaire about distance and how far are they prepared to travel? Every year we hear of couples who wanted to give it a go and tried, but distance was an issue. Especially if they need to catch a plane to see each other — ridiculous,” another remarked.


Others slammed the groom for his behaviour, asking why he signed up for the show if he wasn’t going to consider moving for Lyndall.

“WHY ARE YOU HERE THEN CAM? WHY ARE YOU HERE?” an irate viewer tweeted.

“If Cam works remote and away that bloody much why did he come on this f**king show for? What a gronk, that’s not fair on Lyndall,” another wrote.

“Cam [is] just a walking ick. Why is he here? Why is he dragging Lyndall along? Swear they found all these trash guys at the local servo,” a third quipped.

“Cam knew beforehand that he did remote work — why’s it suddenly a concern now and why even apply for the show if he knew it would be a roadblock in a relationship?” another asked,

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