MAFS' Jade shades Ridge on Instagram and fans are divided: 'Ick'

Would you have a problem with your partner following the opposite sex?

Ridge and Jade posing in selfie and on MAFS lounge
Ridge and Jade have been one of MAFS' strongest couples. Photo: Nine

Jade Pywell and Ridge Barredo fell in love on this year's season of Married At First Sight, with Ridge recently relocating to the Gold Coast to be with Jade and her daughter, proving love isn't dead just yet. The couple have been keeping fans entertained with their funny TikToks and Instagram Reels about their relationship, but Jade's latest one has people divided in the comments.

Talking about Ridge giving her an "ick", Jade uploaded a Reel of her sipping a tea and labelled it "When he says 'you know you're going to fall in love with me' but you've already seen his following list," implying that Ridge was following a 'deece' amount of girls when he shacked up with Jade on MAFS.

"Fun fact: I had seen my husband's following list on Instagram on our honeymoon and I knew from our honeymoon, he wasn’t the one for me. He followed over 1000 girls. Fast forward to when he fell for me, he randomly unfollowed almost every girl. And now here we are," Jade captioned the Instagram post.

"1000 is a bit dramatic...." Ridge replied, to which Jade quipped back, "it was literally 1178… ick."

Jade with teacup and Jade and Ridge before Nova party
Jade has shaded Ridge on Instagram about his past social media activity. Photo:

While some fans praised Jade's video, others weren't entirely sure what to make of it, and one person questioned Jade saying that they're not taking Ridge's "side" but said he looks "sad". "I just looked at his following he only follows 250 or so people but over a thousand follow him, and that is out of his control.... you know that surely," the person commented.

"I understand he’s following 250… it was over 1000 before we started dating though… Ridge and I are happy, this comment from you was pointless," Jade fired back.


Others defended Ridge in the comments or didn't understand what the big deal was about looking at your partner's following list.

"Should be able to follow however many and whoever he wants as long as he's not doing anything wrong 🤷‍♀️," one person said. "But like?? Is this a real thing girls are insecure about?" another asked. "I’m in a wlw relationship, so maybe it’s different but I just don’t get the concern over a man following other women on social media or whatever? Can’t we have enough faith in our relationships without that worry?"

"Try to show the love and trust more …and leave the jealousy behind," someone else advised. "You will be much happier. Really love you two. Hope you have a bright future ahead together."

Others however said Ridge unfollowing other women showed that he respects Jade. "That's a man that truly understands and respects his lady! 🙌," one person said. "Long as you're in love and happy now really that’s all that matters 💖💙," another commented.


"Well he doesn't need wannabe princesses when he has a QUEEN," another fan said.

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