MAFS' Timothy drops Ridge and Jade bombshell and calls out Harrison Boon

Tim hasn't held back in his latest interview...

MAFS' Tim Smith and Ridge and Jade
MAFS' Tim has dropped a surprising bombshell about Ridge and Jade. Photo: TikTok/Instagram

Tim Smith became a breakout star on this year's Married At First Sight, from his no-bulls**t attitude to his ability to show his vulnerability on-screen, as well as his antics and strong friendship with "wife" Lucinda Light. Now the fan favourite has given a big tell-all interview where he's dropped some startling tea about Ridge Barredo and Jade Pywell, as well as calling out 2023's controversial groom Harrison Boon.

Appearing on So Dramatic! Tim didn't hold back in the tell-all interview, but his shocking update about Ridge and Jade makes it seem like things aren't as picture-perfect as they've appeared to be for the couple since they left the show.

After rumours of Ridge cheating on Jade have surfaced since the show wrapped, Tim told So Dramatic that an incident after filming but before the reunion got back to him about some of Ridge's daring behaviour.


Ridge and Jade in selfie and on MAFS couch
Cheating rumours have been plaguing Ridge and Jade since filming wrapped on MAFS. Photo Instagram/Nine

In the second part of his tell-all interview with the gossip podcast, Tim said that Ridge had tried to hit on one of his friends at a nightclub.

“A friend of mine called and said that she just ran into Ridge at a nightclub. He was trying to hit on her friend," Tim said. "This was after filming, before the Reunion."

Tim also said that Ridge had called him a "f**wit" and his friend had called him instantly to talk about running into groom. "But c'mon, there's tonnes of reports out there," Tim said on the allegations about Ridge's infidelity.

When asked if Ridge is up there with Jack, Tim said he's just happy he doesn't have to see Jack, Jayden or "anyone with a J". Then he spectacularly called out controversial 2023 groom Harrison Boon.


"Just because you're a wannabe, five minutes of fame... go away, go get a job, you are useless, you are the useless version of Andrew Tate, you're just a moron, you're just a f***ing arsehole," Tim said about Harrison.

He also said Harrison can't blame the MAFS edit. "You are who you," Tim said. "If you're a misogynistic f***ing prick, you are. If you are a lying sack of s**t, you are. They can't make you somebody that you're not."

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