MAFS star's wholesome TikTok divides fans: 'Not deece'

Ridge has recently relocated to the Gold Coast to be with Jade and her daughter.

MAFS' Jade and Ridge
Ridge recently moved to the Gold Coast to be with Jade. Photo: Matrix

Ridge Barredo and Jade Pywell have seemingly gone from strength to strength after their appearance on Married At First Sight, with Ridge relocating to the Gold Coast to be with Jade and her daughter.

Since leaving the experiment, the couple has quashed cheating rumours by putting on a united front and continuing their relationship, and have taken to TikTok to document their new lives together, however a recent TikTok had some fans calling out Ridge to focus less on filming and more on safety.

"Went on MAFS for a laugh, now I'm picking her daughter up from dance," Ridge captioned the video, as he picked up Jade's 8-year-old daughter Victoria from her dance lesson, also writing "guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles."

Ridge's TikTok and Ridge and Jade at fashion week
Ridge's TikTok had some fans worried. Photo: TikTok

While most fans found the video endearing, quite a few pointed out a concerning detail, as Ridge starts to drive off from pickup before V has secured her seatbelt.

"Wait til she puts her seatbelt on first," one worried fan commented. "Can she even legally drive in front?" another asked. "Would be better if she wasn't in the front seat and in a booster in the back," another fan pointed out.


"This child is legally too small to sit in the front seat and must be in a booster seat in the back seat. You aren’t being kind when in an accident she will suffer significant injuries," another worried person commented.

Others took umbrage with Ridge's caption. "Scored the best woman to ever step onto a MAFS set. This better not be a complaint bruh," one person said. "I bet Jade ate him up for this one!" someone else commented.


But some fans stepped in to defend Ridge.

"You all saw a snippet of this. She would have put the seatbelt on," one person said. "Seriously these comments 🙄 being Karens, clearly he stopped recording after she jumped in the car. He's in the car park for f**k sake," someone else said.

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