MAFS star cops backlash after his attempt to cancel a pizzeria

Jackson Lonie got more than what he bargained for when he attempted to take down a local business.

Former MAFS star Jackson Lonie has caused controversy after naming and shaming a Queensland pizza joint in an Instagram story, accusing the restaurant of ripping him off.

Jackson called out Gold Coast business Artie’s Woodfire Pizza over the weekend after ordering two large pizzas and two sides as part of a meal deal, and instead receiving two "small" pizzas with his meal.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, the reality TV contestant told his followers that the business was "no good" and would "rip you off", encouraging people to not go there.

MAFS' Jackson Lonie
MAFS' Jackson Lonie has tried to cancel a Gold Coast pizzeria after he didn't read the terms and conditions of a meal deal properly. Photo:

Artie's hits back

The pizzeria was having none of Jackson's criticism and swiftly hit back accusing Jackson of not reading the terms and conditions of the deal properly.

As it turns out, the $50 deal that Jackson was after was not valid on weekends and is only available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5pm, with Jackson putting in his order on Saturday night.

Artie's also claimed that Jackson "didn't even read we have different sizes for him to choose from", with Jackson reportedly choosing the 9-inch pizzas in his order, instead of the 12-inch.


The small business continued to put Jackson in his place.

“And now he started posting on his social media to boycott our small business [saying] that we lied, when he was the one who cannot read,” Artie's said.

People threw their support behind the pizzeria, including MAFS' Domenica Calarco.

Domenica Calarco weighs in on Jackson Lonie's attempt to cancel a pizzeria
Jackson's former co-star Dom couldn't resist leaving a comment. Photo:

'You don't know the context'

Jackson then took to Instagram again telling people they didn't understand the context of the situation.

"The thing is you don't know all the context, and I can understand why you'd all be mad going by that context," Jackson said.

"So I understand why you'd all be mad, going by that context, yes I didn't read the thing properly but I clicked the link and it gave me that deal that was meant to be there. So why does your link then send me to that deal?" Jackson said on his Stories.


Once again, Artie's debunked Jackson's complaint by uploading a video showing how to navigate the online menu while also saying there's a confirmation page to check your order before putting it through.

In the video they showed a message exchange between Jackson and the business where Jackson once again slams the business for the link taking him to the wrong page.

"I believe you were in the wrong and you did not try and fix the issue, instead egged me on to take it further. I never wanted to go like this, but you left me no choice, as a business maybe look at rectifying that issue," he said.

Artie's Woodfire Pizza uploaded a message exchange with Jackson after he slammed their business. Photo:
Artie's Woodfire Pizza uploaded a message exchange with Jackson after he slammed their business. Photo:

"He needs to take the L and move on.. embarrassing that he’s still going on about it," one person commented.

"Well done for standing up to an influencer trying to defame you," another said.

"I’m a Gold Coast local I’ll be in today. Can’t wait to support," another support said.

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