MAFS' Melinda Willis reveals why Layton struggled saying 'I love you'

They may be one of MAFS' biggest success stories, but it hasn't always been smooth sailing with Melinda and Layton.

They are one of the rare Married At First Sight success stories, but Melinda Willis and Layton Mills have never made it a secret that they work hard to navigate their differences.

The couple recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, with Layton gifting Melinda with an eternity ring, not long after it was revealed Layton would be making the move from Sydney to Brisbane to be with Melinda.

However, in a recent interview on podcast Two Girls, One Pod hosted by Yvie Jones, Melinda opened up about her relationship with Layton, dropping a surprising bombshell.

'He was always just fearful'

Melinda Willis and Layton Mills
Melinda Willis and Layton Mills. Photo:

When talking about the two defying the odds, Yvie questioned Melinda about Layton never saying the words 'I love you', after he struggled to during the final vows ceremony.

"But he's never told you he loves you. Is that true?" Yvie asked.


Melinda then revealed Layton had dropped the L-bomb — though in a roundabout way.

"He has now, but it was in a love letter," she shared.

When Yvie asked if Layton found it hard to say the three words, Melinda agreed.

"Really, really hard," she said. "I wasn't [accepting of that] at first, I think he was just always fearful of commitment and a forever thing."

Melinda denies being 'rude' to fellow cast members at Logies

Melinda also opened up about the rumours she was rude to other MAFS cast members at the Logies, telling Yvie she looked at the footage of herself at the Logies after Claire Nomarhas accused Melinda of not saying hello to some of them.

Melinda Claire
Melinda previously slammed Claire from MAFS for bullying her. Photo:

"I mean, I've gone and looked at all the footage from the Logies that I could find. And I'm super happy. And I'm super smiley. And I'm acknowledging everyone, do you know? But to paint this image of me to the public that I've walked in, I'm just so high and mighty. I'm just this nasty person... it's just I don't have a bone of that in my body.

I grew up with that – being that person who was bullied, who always walked in the room like that. So I just don't have, you know, a mean thing in my body like that."


Melinda had spoken exclusively to Yahoo Lifestyle ahead of the Logies, saying there was a lot "going on behind the scenes" when it came to everyone's friendships and relationships.

"Everyone’s friends and we all went through the same experience, [but] we all don't align and we all don't have the same values,” she said at the time.

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