MAFS' Alyssa denies hooking up with Love Triangle star ahead of premiere

After the two were spotted getting cosy, Alyssa said they were 'just talking'.

Alyssa Barmonde and Alan Wallace.
MAFS Alyssa Barmonde and Love Triangle's Alan Wallace.

Stan's reality show Love Triangle is premiering early next month but the drama is already heating up off-screen, with one of this season's stars involved in a potential romance with a former MAFS star.

Alan Wallace – who's one of the leading men on Season Two of Love Triangle – was spotted looking a little cosy with MAFS' Alyssa Barmonde on a night out.

Pop culture podcast So Dramatic! broke the news, saying the two hooked up, which caused Alyssa to take to the page's Instagram and vehemently deny the accusations.


"We aren’t even kissing but OK, lol," Alyssa said in the comments.

MAFS' Alyssa Barmonde was spotted looking cosy with Love Triangle's Alan Wallace. Photo:
MAFS' Alyssa Barmonde was spotted looking cosy with Love Triangle's Alan Wallace. Photo:

The comments section kicked off, with Alyssa then engaging in conversation (or debate, if you will) with people commenting on the video.

Alyssa Barmonde instagram comments
Alyssa then got into spirited debates in the comment section about whether she kissed Alan or not. Photo:

So Dramatic also commented on Alyssa's comment saying that the person who filmed Alyssa and Alan getting close also saw them kissing that night.

So Dramatic replies to Alyssa Barmonde
So Dramatic then doubled down on the fact MAFS' Alyssa was kissing Love Triangle's Alan. Photo:

Stan's Love Triangle premieres October 5, with Alan starring as one of the leading men who will try to find love through a blind matchmaking setup.


According to his bio, the 32-year-old electrician from Victoria is mistakingly perceived as a "f***boy" and is looking for someone to delve deeper than just judging him based on physical appearance.

So Dramatic confirmed that the footage of Alyssa and Alan getting cosy was taken after filming had wrapped up on the show.

Love Triangle debuted last year, and one couple still remains together post-experiment: Alex Dalton and Madison Clarke.

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