MAFS' Jack reveals what the wind emoji really means after confusing fans

Viewers were convinced the emoji meant ‘blow’, ‘fart’ or ‘sigh’.

Married At First Sight viewers were scratching their heads during Wednesday night’s episode when it was revealed that Jack Dunkley had sent his co-star Ridge Barredo the wind emoji (💨) after having sex with his partner Tori Adams for the first time.

Ridge admitted at the dinner party he “wasn’t too sure what it meant”, while outspoken bride Lauren Dunn was quick to guess it meant he had plans to “ghost” Tori.

MAFS’ Jack Dunkley and Ridge Barredo.
MAFS’ Jack Dunkley has finally explained what he meant when he sent a wind emoji to Ridge Barredo. Photos: Channel Nine

“I feel like it was a smoke bomb emoji, like, ‘I’m outta here!’,” she shared in her piece-to-camera interview.

“I don’t know, there’s just something not right… My gut tells me that he’s got this exit strategy and he’s gonna leave her broken-hearted at the end of this.”


Fans also took to social media to share their thoughts on the emoji choice, with many people believing it either means “blow”, “fart” or “sigh”.

“The ‘wind’ and ‘water’ emojis are right next to each other, I’m guessing he hit the wrong one!” someone else commented.

“It means fast as the wind, so I’m assuming it was a quicky,” another wrote, followed by a different user who said, “It means like phew, thank god that’s done”.

MAFS’ Lauren Dunn.
Lauren Dunn was confident the emoji meant Jack was going to ‘smoke bomb’ Tori. Photo: Channel Nine

Why did Jack send the wind emoji?

Jack has now revealed exactly what he meant when he sent his friend the emoji, which is officially titled ‘gust of wind’.

“The wind emoji for me was kind of like smoke, like 'damn that was hot', like 'pop off', a bit of smoke, you know,” he told 9Entertainment.

“A bit of relief, a bit of smoke - I didn't know if I was going to send him a flame,” he continued. “It was basically smoke, like ‘damn that was hot’.”

When asked about Lauren’s prediction that the emoji meant he planned on ghosting Tori, Jack replied: “Lauren, there's actually a ghost emoji if I wanted to send a ghost, so come on.”


Ridge also spoke to the publication and confessed that he was “very confused” by Jack’s text and still doesn’t know what the emoji means.

“I never understood what that was. Maybe it's like 'oof', like 'really good’,” he said. “But look, my generation doesn't use that. They would have done an eggplant emoji or something like that," Ridge said.

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