MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Bryce responds to controversial Jack and Tori comparisons

The Season 8 groom also shares his advice for the 2024 MAFS ‘villains’.

From the moment they first entered the experiment, Married At First Sight’s Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams have been compared to two of the most controversial couples to ever appear on the show: Season 10’s Harrison Boon and Bronte Schofield and Season 8’s Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson.

All three couples had their MAFS experiences impacted by rumours of a “secret girlfriend” on the outside, and although Harrison and Bronte decided to go their separate ways at the end of the experiment, Bryce and Melissa have since welcomed twin sons and officially tied the knot.

While Bronte has already shared her thoughts on the similarities between Harrison and Jack with Yahoo Lifestyle, Bryce has now revealed whether he thinks the comparisons are accurate.

MAFS’ Melissa and Bryce / Tori and Jack.
MAFS’ Bryce has responded to comparisons between himself and Melissa and Jack and Tori. Photos: Channel Nine

The radio host tells Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind the Edit podcast that although he hasn’t been watching every episode this season, he does believe the way Jack and Tori are being portrayed is “very similar” to how Melissa and himself were edited.

“Tori especially definitely has that same kind of narrative that Liss received with agreeing with everything that her husband does say or things he did and it doesn't look like she ever spoke up against that, which I know 100 per cent for Liss anyway was never the case,” he shares.

“She spoke up many times towards me, and also against the group. I remember one particular dinner party where Liss spoke up against Beck [Zemek] when she was going at me and just kind of told her to go stick it and put her in her place. But they never showed that because it didn't really fit the character that they were trying to portray of Liss being a quiet, shy, naive girl.”


Bryce went on to say that he understands Tori spoke up numerous times during filming but it was never aired - which she has also confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle - and it’s “disappointing” viewers don’t get to see the show in its full context.

“It does seem quite similar where the group does seem to be against Jack and Tori like the group on our season were against Liss and myself constantly,” he reflects.

“They were more focused on our relationship than their own, and it kind of goes to show that maybe Jack and Tori are being genuine and people aren't happy with that because it's working. I don't know, every relationship’s different on that experiment.”

MAFS’ Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley at the dinner party.
‘Maybe Jack and Tori are being genuine and people aren't happy with that because it's working.’ Photo: Channel Nine

Bryce's advice for reality TV 'villains'

Speaking from personal experience, Bryce says it’s important for couples who stay together after the show to be genuine and let their lives grow naturally.

“I think if Jack and Tori are still genuinely together and they do genuinely have that bond, it will start to show over the next couple of months after the show's wrapped up on TV,” he details.

“I think that's why maybe we've developed quite a loyal following and even changed people's perspective on us as a couple, and even myself to some degree. I can only speak on behalf of myself, but I certainly don't try and portray this personality that everyone loves me and loves everything about us. We know that and we're accepting of it, it's part of life, so it's just one of those things.”

He adds that his biggest piece of advice for any reality TV 'villains' would be to remember that things will ease up over time “if you stay true to yourself”.

“Look, people said that I'll never work in radio again afterwards. People love saying that, even reported false articles on it saying I was sacked from jobs,” he remarks. “But at the end of the day, I'm working in radio now so it's not all doom and gloom if you are a villain on the show.

“And history I guess even shows too that villains are the ones that seem to do the best after the show. Go figure!”

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