MAFS' Hayley Vernon flees Eastern Europe amid 'human trafficking' fears

EXCLUSIVE: The former reality TV star reveals what happened when she arrived in Prague to shoot adult content.

Married At First Sight’s Hayley Vernon has spoken out amid fears she had been “human trafficked” in Eastern Europe after flying to the Czech Republic by herself to film adult content.

The 35-year-old OnlyFans creator sparked concern earlier this week when she revealed on social media that she had arrived in Prague and communication with one production company she had connected with online suddenly felt “off”.

MAFS’ Hayley Vernon posing in lingerie.
MAFS’ Hayley Vernon had a terrifying encounter when she flew to Prague to film adult content. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

While her dad urged her to leave the country as he noticed too many “red flags” in her phone calls to him, Hayley put her suspicions down to a language barrier and still proceeded to the adult shoot - which she quickly regretted.

She tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “When I got to Prague to film, I immediately started panicking as the taxi that was taking me to the shoot started going away from the city, through the back suburbs – which look a lot different to the back suburbs in Australia.


“We eventually got to the studio and I couldn't understand a thing anyone was saying and all the men were snapping at me whenever I spoke [in English].

“They then asked for my ID and I f**king panicked. I thought, this is it, dad's right – I'm about to get my passport taken, put in a car and taken somewhere else. It was a real moment of panic, my heart was going crazy.”

 MAFS' Hayley Vernon in Prague.
Hayley says she ‘immediately started panicking’ when her taxi took her away from the city. Photos: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

'Planning my escape'

As Hayley was then taken on-set to film, she says she “spent the next two hours planning my escape should something go amiss or I have to get out of there quickly”.

Once she'd finished the shoot, Hayley left as quickly as possible and turned her phone on several hours later to see hundreds of messages from her father and concerned fans.

“Dad had been warning me how likely it was that I was going to be trafficked [doing sex work] in South East Europe, while it was something I’d never considered or was worried about until I was in that situation,” she adds.

Hayley now plans on touring England, Italy and Portugal on her European “porn tour” - but will take more precautions to ensure her safety following the scare.


Hayley joined OnlyFans shortly after appearing on MAFS' seventh season in 2020 and recently revealed that she earned close to $90,000 in her first month on the platform.

Her content has since evolved from sharing bikini snaps to filming hardcore pornography, and she announced last year that she had started working as a high-class escort.

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