MAFS' Hayley Vernon reveals insane amount she makes on OnlyFans: 'Bucketload'

The former reality star also shared her weirdest requests.

MAFS star Hayley Vernon has revealed the insane amount of money she made during her first month on OnlyFans, describing it as a 'bucketload'.

The reality star shared the surprising amount during an interview with B105’s Stav, Abby and Matt, the hosts asked Hayley how much she earned in her first month on the platform.

MAFS star Hayley Vernon
MAFS star Hayley Vernon has revealed the insane amount she has made during her time on OnlyFans. Photo: Instagram/Hayley Vernon

"So, $60,000 USD," Hayley said, saying it would have likely been close to $90,000. "It was an absolutely bucketload."

When asked how much effort she put into the content, she said sheepishly, "I want to say that I did heaps of work, but just coming off the back of the show, I don't know, I did nothing pretty much. It was pretty basic content, because everyone wanted to see the girl that was on telly nude! It was crazy!"

"I didn't even get nude," she added. "I think they were like bikini photos, and it was more the inquisitiveness of the experience that got people buying in."


Hayley added that she doesn't do custom content as she would get far too many requests and wouldn't be able to keep up.

She explained that she shares new content once a week, then she will spend two or three hours a day chatting with her subscribers, then she spends the rest of her time creating content, advertising and creating TikTok content.

"There's a lot of work that goes into it to keep your subscription base up and also the money," Hayley said, adding she essentially runs a production company behind the scenes.

'Weirdest request'

MAFS Hayley Vernon in a bikini
Hayley also shared her weirdest request to a caller. Photo: Instagram/Hayley Vernon

One caller asked the former reality star what her 'weirdest request' ever was, with Hayley responding that she has been asked for her 'worn underwear' as well as feet content. She did, however, say that she has never sent anyone any underwear.

"People like soles of feet and they find it sexual," she explained to the hosts. "There's heaps of kinks and fetishes."

Another caller questioned how Hayley keeps her relationship afloat while doing this kind of work, with the OnlyFans star saying she chose her work over her last relationship.


"I couldn't do both, and it wasn't the deciding factor, because I'd always choose love over it, but he wasn't in a position where we would progress to the next level of a relationship and I thought, I'm giving up too much too soon financially," she said. "If it's not going to get serious, I'm not going to give up and quit everything that I've got going on, but if it was marriage, a kid and I saw a path, I would most likely give it all up. Because I don't know if it's attainable in my world to do adult work and raise a family, well I just don't think I want to ethically."

She added that she's using her money wisely and is investing and setting herself up for the long term.

"A lot of young girls hear people like me on the radio and they’re like this is good I want to be earning the big bucks and I’m like – a lot of girls don’t," she said. "I'm the one per cent that does and I've come off a national TV show, so you really need to take that into consideration before you make such a big choice that can impact every aspect of your life."

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