MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Surprising reason Hayley Vernon is returning to escorting

The Married At First Sight star has shared the real reason she quit escorting in January this year.

MAFS' Hayley Vernon announced earlier this year that she was quitting her lucrative escort career, but has since revealed the surprising reason she decided to quit in the first place.

The reality star revealed in January that she was quitting her $1,000-an-hour job to focus on becoming a mother through IVF.

MAFS' Hayley Vernon
MAFS' Hayley Vernon has revealed the real reason she quit her job as an escort. Photo: Instagram/Hayley Vernon

However, the 35-year-old has since revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that she wasn't entirely honest about why she initially stepped away from sex work – but is proudly now back to what she's passionate about.

“I actually stopped escorting because I was seeing somebody and it was getting serious, but he had a problem with it," Hayley tells us. "I gave it up for him but lost my independence and who I am too. I love my job and all of the interesting people I get to meet."


The OnlyFans star explained she is no longer in a relationship with the mystery man, adding: “I'll never give something I love up for a man ever again.”

In January, Hayley told us she quit escorting to become a mother, saying: “I’m looking forward to reinventing myself in preparation to becoming a mother so that first step is to physically stop seeing [escort] clients.”

She confirmed she is still looking into IVF via sperm donation but has no plans to stop escorting.

At the time, Hayley admitted her age has had an impact on the decision to have a baby by herself and added that if she ‘doesn’t have children in the next few years, that ship will sail’.

The reality star revealed she actually quit because she was seeing a man who didn't like what she did for a living. Photo: Instagram/Hayley Vernon
The reality star revealed she actually quit because she was seeing a man who didn't like what she did for a living. Photo: Instagram/Hayley Vernon

This comes after the OnlyFans creator shared her huge budgeting mistake for 2022. She admitted on Instagram that she had spent a huge portion of her income on “miscellaneous spending”.

"What does it take to blow $10,000 a year? Just $27.40 a day in miscellaneous spending. This hits home," Hayley wrote in the post.

"Last week, I saved about $280 in a week by not eating breakfast out, and that wasn't including all the lunches I would normally eat out.


“This year: one meal out a week. Even though I make great money, it's time to be smart. The money I earn now is not going to last forever. This year I'm living like I would have five years ago, and seriously I'm happier for it.”

The star revealed in May last year that she had raked in over $1.3 million from two years on OnlyFans.

She told fans that she wasn’t managing her money well and has turned over a new leaf for 2023.

"I wasn't respecting the money I was earning and how much I would've just a few years earlier,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Don't get me wrong, I was appreciative and grateful and still am, but I was being reckless to a degree."

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