MAFS group chat leaks as brides turn on each other: 'Things got brutal'

An insider has revealed the MAFS group chat is 'brutal' and has led to producers to intervene.

The days of this year's MAFS brides being civil to each other are already long gone, with a 'brutal' group chat causing such a divide behind the scenes that the show's bosses and publicists have tried to intervene and shut it down.

A well-placed source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the women first clashed and were forced to pick sides after Eden "betrayed her friend Sara" by telling the group she'd been cheating on Tim with an ex-boyfriend during filming, and "everything blew up from there".

MAFS brides
A MAFS group chat has reportedly leaked as several of the show's brides have seemingly begun turning on each other. Photo: Nine

"The group chat includes pretty much everyone but Lauren and Sara, with some of the girls ranting that they've received more favourable press than they have," the insider shares.

"Cassandra and Andrea are the most vocal in the chat to the point some of the guys are telling them they need to stop as screenshots have started circulating."

The source adds that although "things got brutal" when Sara was accused of cheating during filming, the girls have become "even more savage trying to ruin each others' reputations and get ahead as influencers" now the show is airing.


Meanwhile, another insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that it wasn't just the brides who have been complaining in the group chat about their portrayal, with Lauren's husband Jono also upset about his 'less than favourable edit'.

"Jono definitely said the most in the group chat," the source shares. "He was the most vocal by a mile.

"Tristan and Eden were the ones who tried to shut the group chat down. Eden had had enough of the drama and said it's a lesson learned to be nicer to people before leaving the chat altogether."

MAFS group
'Ellie, Cassandra, Andrea and Eden are the most vocal in the chat,' the insider spills. Photo: Nine

Yahoo Lifestyle understands that the season's biggest feuds involve Sara and Cassandra and Sara and Eden. During both of these disputes, Lauren automatically sided with her best friend Sara, with the other girls going against them.


Things have only intensified in the months since filming wrapped, with cast members reportedly "frustrated" that Lauren and Sara are receiving "more media opportunities" than they have.

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