MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Surprising truth behind Sara and Tim's 'cancelled dates'

Here's what viewers didn’t get to see from Sara’s off-camera outing.

Married At First Sight’s Sara Mesa was called out during Sunday night’s commitment ceremony for cancelling three dates organised by her partner Tim Calwell.

After being asked by expert Mel Schilling to provide a “genuine reason” why she cancelled the dates, Sara explained that there were a series of off-camera incidents that occurred.

MAFS’ Tim Calwell and Sara Mesa.
MAFS’ Sara Mesa was called out at the commitment ceremony for cancelling three dates organised by her partner Tim Calwell. Photos: Channel Nine

“So the first time, I actually messaged Tim and I said, ‘I’m not in a good place, I need to take some time to myself’. I said, ‘Let’s do next weekend’,” she detailed.

“The next date I said to him, ‘Our groceries are going to go off in the fridge, should we just cook that instead?’. And the following week, I went out with my girlfriends on Saturday and I wasn’t feeling great on Sunday. I was hungover.”

While Sara was subsequently criticised by the experts for not making Tim a priority in her life, it turns out there’s another side to the story that viewers never got to see.


The truth behind Sara's off-camera outing

A production insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Sara’s Saturday outing with her “girlfriends” was actually an off-camera catch-up with her co-stars Eden Harper and Lauren Dunn.

The trio reportedly enjoyed drinks together before inviting their partners to join them for a “group date”, which was never mentioned at the commitment ceremony.

“Participants are forbidden from hanging out with each other outside of dinner parties and commitment ceremonies, but Sara, Eden and Lauren snuck out one day,” our source shares.

“They all went out for lunch together and when it got late they invited their husbands to join them for dinner. The men ended up leaving before curfew but Sara and Lauren decided to stay out and enjoy a girls' night together.”

MAFS brides Eden Harper, Sara Mesa, Lauren Dunn, Tori Adams.
Sara's off-camera outing was actually a lunch with her co-stars Eden and Lauren. Photo: Channel Nine

Our insider says that Sara and Lauren got into “a lot of trouble” from producers for breaking curfew and spending time together away from the cameras. Meanwhile, Tim was shown getting frustrated with Sara for cancelling their date the next morning and staying in bed - even though they had spent the previous day together.

“Viewers saw Tim being upset that Sara had gone out with her friends the night before, but it wasn’t mentioned that he had actually spent time with her too,” the source continues. “They completely cut that out when the episode aired and made her look like the bad guy.

“Tim ended up spending his Sunday with Tristan and Cassandra doing the Bondi to Coogee walk and when he came home Sara had made him dinner to make up for the cancelled date, but none of this was aired.”

While the couple both chose to stay in their relationship during Sunday night’s episode, it’s since been revealed that they are no longer together after Tim was spotted kissing a mystery woman earlier this month.

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