MAFS: Fans spot telling detail in photo of brides Sara and Lauren at screening party

MAFS' Sara and Lauren were stocking up on booze ahead of the premiere.

Married At First Sight Australia landed on our screens this week with a bang, with a whole new cast of brides and grooms ready and waiting to bring some serious drama to our screens.

Sydney nutritionist Sara Mesa was the first bride to be shown in the 2024 series, marrying Tim Calwell in what first appeared to be a match made in heaven but soon turned into a disaster pairing.

MAFS Lauren and Sara
MAFS' Lauren and Sara were spotted out in Sydney ahead of the premiere of the show. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

In photos obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle, Sara can be seen with fellow bride Lauren, whose ceremony is yet to be shown on screen, leaving a Sydney CBD hotel ahead of a viewing party.

Nothing gets past eagle-eyed fans, who spotted a telling detail about the future of her marriage to Tim.

“No ring on her finger,” one person wrote.

“She’s changed her hair colour, they’ve definitely split,” another person said.


Lauren meanwhile still appeared to have a ring on her wedding finger as she smiled from ear to ear for the waiting photographers.

The pair were looking for a Woolworths with their friend so they could grab some Margarita Mix for their viewing party.

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MAFS Lauren and Sara out in Sydney
Fans pointed out that Sara wasn't wearing a wedding ring. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Shocking best man’s speech

It comes after Sara’s new husband’s best friend, Ben, delivered one of the most unbelievable best man speeches on the show on Monday night.

“I was not surprised when I heard Tim was partaking in this experiment,” he said. “Because Tim is a man of science, he’s quite fond of experimentation.

“Experiment 551 — romance at high speed. Is road-h*ad safe?” he posed, to the shocked faces of friends and family.

“Experiment 552 — is it ok to get h*ad in the ER and you’re here now anyway? That was the following experiment, by the way.”

Lauren and Sara in Sydney looking for a Woolworths
The pair were searching for the nearest WoOlworths. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
MAFS' Lauren and Sara and their friend outside the Grace hotel in Sydney
They were joined by a friend for their viewing party. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

The whole bridal party looked on in horror as an unfettered Ben continued, saying: “Experiment 865... I mean Sara. Tim is a wonderful human being, he radiates charisma like the sun.

“And Sara, you can find solace in the fact — rancid or not — Tim will still eat you.”

While some people called it ‘quality viewing’ others were disgusted with the speech online, calling it ‘tacky’ and a ‘hot mess’.

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