MAFS' Seb Guilhaus had sights set on Home and Away

lizzie and seb MAFS
Lizzie and Seb are currently the show's favourites. Photo: Channel Nine

Married at First Sight groom Seb Guilhaus reportedly had his sights set on an acting career, a friend has claimed.

The 31-year-old personal trainer from Adelaide is currently ‘married’ to MAFS returnee Elizabeth Sobinoff and while the couple definitely appear to be going strong, it’s now been claimed that Seb isn’t the doting husband he seems to be.

“His biggest goal in life has always been to be on Home and Away or something like that,” a source told New Idea magazine.

Seb has been open about trying a host of different career paths in life, and has completed his degree in Creative Arts. He also said on his social media he’s found he enjoys ‘entertaining people’ and ‘making people laugh’.

Another source added fuel to the fire by claiming Seb was only cast for the controversial Channel Nine reality series on the condition that he and Lizzie remain together.

“...because they had no genuine couples left. He’s 100 percent acting,” the insider said.

Photo: Instagram/Lizzie
Photo: Instagram/Lizzie

Seb isn’t the only MAFS star who has been called out for wanting to gain more than love from the show.

MAFS bride Amanda Micallef was forced to speak out after her acting profile was exposed by one one eagle-eyed MAFS fan.

“Bit cringeworthy to read a very old extras profile. And whilst I haven't had extra work since my mid- twenties actors are also entitled to give the experiment a shot. So embarrassing,” Amanda wrote underneath a picture of the profile posted to the @MAFSfunny Instagram account.

The 34-year-old strength coach also posted an image to her own Instagram page, alongside the caption: “News has it apparently I’m an aspiring actress, if that’s the case my acting skills are terrible” #alwayshonest #MAFS

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