MAFS star's acting profile exposed

As Tash and Amanda’s relationship looks to be falling apart right before our eyes, one eagle-eyed Married At First Sight fan has spotted something very interesting online about one of the brides.

Yesterday, the MAFS fan uploaded a series of screenshots, appearing to show Amanda Micallef’s acting profile on, where she calls herself an ‘actor, extra, model, TV presenter, radio and presenter’.

Amanda and Tash hugging on MAFS
Amanda and Tash's relationship seems to be doing south on Married At First Sight. Photo: Channel Nine

The profile went on to say: “I am 30-years-old, am a qualified personal trainer with a humongous desire to be Australia’s leading female fitness authority in the near future.”

It goes on to say that she does have modelling experience and believes she can act.

However, there is no indication from Amanda that the profile was actually created by her to further her burgeoning career.

Meanwhile, on the show, things between Amanda and Tash Herz has gone from bad to worse, with the pair getting into a heated argument about their appearance on the couch at the commitment ceremony.

"I just felt a little like me being honest about my feelings wasn’t really recognised as the right thing to do, which I found bizarre. I feel guilt that I rejected her and that I hurt her, but I’m struggling with trying to give Amanda what she wants. I don’t know why all of a sudden, I’m the bad guy,” Tash said to the camera.

Amanda Micallef's acting profile
A fan has claimed to have exposed Amanda's acting profile. Photo: Facebook

Later, Tash said to Amanda: “I didn’t feel my emotions validated at all last night. I’m really glad yours were but I also validated all of your emotions. I always put myself in your shoes and thought about it from your perspective. And felt guilt.”

Amanda hit back at Tash, saying she just wanted to point out that she can ‘barely get look in the eye’ from her wife.

"And you would find every opportunity to go and embrace people and be affectionate. And what do I get? I don’t even get a stroke on the arm from you,” she said.

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