Where to follow the MAFS 2020 stars on Instagram

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Married at First Sight Australia 2020 is about to get underway and if you want to get an idea of who this year’s brides and grooms are we’ve rounded up where you can follow them on social media.

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Stacey Hampton, 25

A law graduate and mum of two, Stacey is based in Adelaide and describes herself as ‘an overachiever with a grounded family life’. You can follow Stacey @staceylhampton

Meet MAFS bride Stacey. Photo: Channel Nine
Stacey is a mum of two. Photo: instagram/staceylhampton

Cathy, 26

Trust is a huge issue for Cathy because two of her past relationships have ended with her partner cheating on her, meaning she's developed a thick skin and impenetrable walls when it comes to love. Follow Cathy @summertanx

Meet MAFS bride Cathy. Photo: Channel Nine
Cathy struggles with trust. Photo: Instagram/summertanx

Aleksandra Markovic, 26

Aleksandra Markovic - or Aleks - has previously graced the dating television circuit after trying her luck on Take Me Out in 2018. Follow Aleks @aleks.markovic_

MAFS bride Aleks. Photo: Channel Nine
Aleks is trying her luck on TV again. Photo: Instagram/aleks.markovic_

Poppy, 38

Poppy is open to finding love again after the mum was left high and dry by a cheating husband. Follow MAFS bride Poppy @poppy__marie

Meet MAFS bride and mum Poppy. Photo: Channel Nine
Poppy is a mum of twins. Photo: Instagram/poppy_marie

Amanda Micallef, 34

Amanda will make up one half of MAFS’ first-ever all-female couple; a move which follows calls for the show to diversify its cast. She describes herself as ‘Strong’ and ‘Funny AF’ and loves to workout. Follow Married at First Sight bride Amanda @amanda.m.micallef

MAFS bride Amanda Micallef. Photo: Channel Nine
Amanda is one half of the show's first same-sex couple. Photo: Instagram/amanda.m.micallef

Vanessa Romito, 31

Vanessa is a 31-year-old pharmacy manager from Perth and a YouTuber. It’s also been revealed she was the ex-girlfriend of former contestant Bronson Norrish. Follow MAFS bride Vanessa @vanessaromito_

MAFS Bride Vanessa. Photo: Channel Nine
Vanessa Romito dated Bronson from MAFS 2019. Photo: Instagram/vanessaromito_

Hayley Vernon, 32

Bodybuilder Hayley Vernon has already gained fans on Instagram after showing off her stunning fitness transformation. The Melbourne-based brunette is tipped to bring the drama. Follow bride Hayley @hayleyvernon_

Married at First Sight Australia bride Hayley. Photo: Channel Nine
The bodybuilder is set to bring the drama. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

Tash Herz, 31

Tash is a 31-year-old vegan bartender who is looking to settle down with a like-minded lady on the show. Follow MAFS bride Tash @tashherz

MAFS bride Tash is looking for love. Photo: Channel Nine
Tash will make up one half of MAFS’ first-ever all-female couple. Photo: Instagram/tashherz

Mishel Meshes, 48

Mishel is a Brisbane teacher and mum of two that has watched seven out of eight boyfriends cheat on her. Follow bride Mishel @mishel_meshes

Meet MAFS bride Mishel. Photo: Channel Nine
Mishel has had a host of cheating boyfriends. Photo: Instagram/mishel_meshes

Natasha Spencer, 26

Natasha is a financial analyst with a penchant for older men and is described as bold and brassy. She also doesn’t mind showing off her toned figure in a bikini. Follow MAFS bride Natasha @tashki_

MAFS bride Natasha is a financial analyst. Photo: Channel Nine
Tash loves showing off her bikini bod. Photo: instagram/tashki_

Connie Crayden, 27

Connie is an aspiring marine biologist who has been single for five years. Follow bride Connie @connie.crayden

Married at First Sight bride Connie. Photo: Channel Nine
Connie has been single for five years. Photo: Instagram/Connie

Jonethen, 27

Jonethen is a projects officer on the Gold Coast and moving around a lot means he finds it hard to maintain a relationship. You can follow him @jonethen

MAFS groom Jonethen. Photo: Channel Nine
Jonethen is a projects officer on the Gold Coast. Photo: Instagram/Jonethen

Mikey Pembroke, 29

A former North Shore private schoolboy, Mikey has openly admitted to growing up rich but insists he isn’t spoiled. Follow Mikey @mikeypembroke

MAFS groom Mikey. Photo: Channel Nine
Mikey on his travels. Photo: Instagram/mikeypembroke

Steve Burley, 51

The oldest contestant, Steve has a history with younger girlfriends. On his Instagram he calls himself ‘Reliable. Respectful. Thoughtful.’ Follow Steve @steve_burley_

MAFS groom Steve. Photo: Channel Nine
He is the oldest contestant at 51. Photo: Instagram/steve_burley_

David, 31

David is a former boxer from Melbourne who has overcome a severe spinal injury to make it back into the ring. He also loves horses and dogs. Big plus points. Follow MAFS groom Dave at @dave_the_cowboy88

Meet MAFS groom David. Photo: Channel Nine
David loves his animals. Photo: Instagram/dave_the_cowboy88

Josh, 28

Sydney-sider Josh has described himself as the life of the party. Now he’s heading down the aisle so can he ditch the party for a life of marital bliss. Follow groom Josh @joshyp_91

MAFS groom Josh. Photo: Channel Nine
Josh is a tradie in Sydney. Photo: Instagram/joshyp_91

Michael, 28

Michael is raising his toddler solo while directing a company at home in Adelaide. Follow MAFS groom Michael - aka Micky @mickygoonan

MAFS groom Michael - aka Micky. Photo: Channel Nine
Michael is a dad to a toddler. Photo: Instagram/mickygoonan

Chris Nicholls, 37

Chris, from Adelaide, juggles being a dad to two little boys with working as a youth worker. Follow groom Chris @chris_nicko_

MAFS groom Chris. Photo: Channel Nine
Chris is a dad from Adelaide. Photo: Instagram/chris_nicko_

Ivan Sarakula, 30

Ukranian born Ivan is a real estate agent, who admits he is divisive, and often offends. Follow groom Ivan @ivansarakula

MAFS groom Ivan. Photo: Channel Nine
Ivan Sarakula is a real estate agent. Photo: Instagram/ivansarakula

Luke, 39

Fly-in-fly-out worker Luke is a single dad of two teenage daughters and loves his 4wdriving. He’s got more photos of his car on Insta than himself. Follow Luke @lukeyeglin

Meet MAFS groom Luke. Photo: Channel Nine

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