'So embarrassing': MAFS bride defends herself after acting profile is exposed

Amanda Micallef’s journey on Married At First Sight came to an end last night after both she and her ‘wife’, Tash Herz wrote ‘leave’ on their cards at the commitment ceremony.

And now she’s setting the record straight after her acting profile was exposed last week by one one eagle-eyed MAFS fan.

“Bit cringeworthy to read a very old extras profile. And whilst I haven't had extra work since my mid- twenties actors are also entitled to give the experiment a shot. So embarrassing,” Tash wrote underneath a picture of the profile posted to the @MAFSfunny Instagram account.

Amanda and Tash hugging on MAFS
Amanda and Tash's relationship didn't work out as planned. Photo: Channel Nine

The 34-year-old strength coach also posted an image to her own Instagram page, alongside the caption: “News has it apparently I’m an aspiring actress, if that’s the case my acting skills are terrible” #alwayshonest #MAFS

Last week, one MAFS fan uploaded a series of screenshots, showing Amanda Micallef’s acting profile on starnow.com, where she calls herself an ‘actor, extra, model, TV presenter, radio and presenter’.

Amanda Micallef's acting profile
A fan exposed Amanda's acting profile on Facebook. Photo: Facebook

The profile went on to say: “I am 30-years-old, am a qualified personal trainer with a humongous desire to be Australia’s leading female fitness authority in the near future.”

It goes on to say that she does have modelling experience and believes she can act.

Meanwhile, on the show, things between Amanda and Tash Herz went bellies up last night, when they both voted to leave the experiment after weeks of arguing.

"I didn't get what I came here for and I left a lot behind for that,” Amanda said as she sat on the couch in front of the experts.

"You deserve love, you deserve warmth, and I am sorry I can't give you that,"Tash replied.

Before leaving, Amanda also said: "Unfortunately, this relationship has not been a good representative of what gay relationships are really like.

"There are a lot of good functioning gay couples and I'm sorry this didn't do the gay community justice."

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