'Can't unsee': MAFS fans troll cringe-worthy fail

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Cathy and Josh didn't seem to notice a detail fans couldn't see past. Photo: Nine

MAFS may have gotten spicy as the couples headed into intimacy (sex) week last night, but a cringe-worthy oversight in one couple’s bedroom killed the mood for many fans.

In a series peppered with explosive arguments, stunning fallouts and an editing fail here and there, it’s hardly surprising that eagle-eyed fans have picked up on a tiny detail that has rendered what could have been a raunchy scene a little... well, silly.

MAFS' Cathy and Josh have been hit with another fail. Photo: Nine

In a very intimate scene, Josh romanced Cathy with a bedtime serenade but some were distracted by a wonky photo that stole the limelight.

First spotted on Monday night’s episode, it looks like no one has bothered to fix up the photo, as it slips further and further from flush position.

Pointed out on Facebook, fans hilariously trolled the show over the easy-to-fix oversight that became a scene-stealer.

As one fan put it, once spotted you ‘can’t unsee’ the wonky frame and any romantic moments were seriously derailed.

“Surely there aren’t budget cuts on Australia’s highest-rated show from last year that would let them f**k up this bad,” the keen fan wrote alongside a screenshot of the frame.

The wonky photograph has driven some fans to distraction. Photo: Facebook

“Omg I was watching and thought the same thing!” another fan wrote.

“So glad someone else noticed! Most frustrating thing to look at and not be able to fix it,” another agreed.

“I noticed this last night was doing my head in,” a third wrote.

Many joked about the tiny, but frustrating detail only annoying certain star signs or attention-orientated people, though the reactions suggest once they spotted it everyone was cringing.

It comes after the same couple’s first steamy makeout session was derailed by another fail, this on a huge editing oversight.

In the midst of a show currently besieged by scandal after scandal, not least an AVO incident, a furious social media rant from Poppy, and plenty of debate over an ‘abusive’ moment between one couple, it looks like the little things may be falling to the wayside.

Hey, at least they showed the right couple.

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