Major editing fail undoes raunchy MAFS scene

Penny Burfitt
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Cathy and Josh turned up the heat, but an editing fail killed the mood. Photo: Nine

A MAFS bride raised eyebrows last night with a bold attempt to crank up the heat with her hubby using a ‘secret weapon’ bikini.

It turned out to be a major editing fail, however, rather than the barely-there swimsuit that stole the show.

Cathy and Josh have found themselves emerging as the far and away favourites of the show’s seventh season, and Cathy decided to take the marriage to the next level on last night’s episode.

“What I want is some more romance between us more cuddling and kissing,” she told the cameras.

“So I’ve got a bit of a secret weapon to help steer him in the right direction and it’s my raunchy bikini.”

Stepping out to the spa and her waiting husband in a barely-there baby blue string number, Cathy opened fire with instant results.

“Holy sh*t,” was all groom Josh had to say when Cathy stepped into the pool, telling Talking Married’s Shelly Horton that Cathy ‘definitely hit the target’.

Cathy's secret weapon almost blew Josh out of the water. Photo: Nine

What didn’t hit the target, however, was the glaring editing fail in the section that really ruined the magic of the moment for some viewers.

Eagled-eyed fans pointed out Cathy’s hair was magically changing from dry to wet throughout the sequence, indicating the ‘candid’ entrance into the spa may have called for more than one take.

“How many times did they make Cathy walk seductively into the spa, how's that dry hair to wet hair to dry hair ratio,” Punkee editor Tahlia Pritchard wrote on Twitter.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, I present to you, the Ponytail Fail of Mafs 2020.

Ponytail Fail

Close observation shows one shot of Cathy walking in dry:

As she enters the spa Cathy's hair is dry as a bone. Photo: Nine

And the very next shot shows her hair wet, despite only just stepping into the spa...:

Cathy's hair is suddenly soaked in the next shot. Photo: Nine

A moment later, dry hair is back, baby:

Moments later, Cathy's hair is once again dry. Photo: Nine

It wasn’t just the sexy entrance that was slightly knocked off course by Ponytail Fail, the pair’s steamy first kiss was too hot to handle, apparently even for the editors.

As the pair first lock lips, Cathy’s very dry ponytail is in clear view:

When the kiss kicks off, Cathy is rocking her dry locks. Photo: Nine

When we cut to a closer shot, she’s either done a quick duck under, or it’s been recreated:

The 'same' kiss magically features a wet-haired Cathy. Photo: Nine

In breaking news, it looks like the reality show may be somewhat scripted.

Fans love the hot and heavy couple

Natural or not, the sequence certainly sent eyebrows shooting into hairlines, particularly when they relocated to the stand-alone bath where they got very up close and personal, before kicking the cameras out of the room in a very pointed move.

Fans were quick to comment on the sequence, many blown away by the couple’s sizzling chemistry.

“I’m loving watching the two of you, perfect match,” one wrote.

“Great moves by Cathy, the cheeky bikini will definitely win his heart,” another agreed.

Others agreed with Cathy’s ‘secret weapon’ choice.

“Agree a good bikini will always be a secret weapon,” one woman wrote on an Instagram post from the bride.

There were some expressing reservation over the raunchy scene however, asking if it pushed the envelope too far.

Photo: Twitter

Overall however, fans can generally agree the couple are sizzling, except of course when a wet ponytail gets in the way.

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