MAFS fans stunned as Josh unveils dramatic transformation: 'Sexy'

MAFS fans were left stunned this week when Josh White unveiled a dramatic transformation after enjoying a makeover with co-star Janelle Han.

Janelle shared a photo and video to Instagram and TikTok, captioning a snap of Josh smouldering for the camera, "[Josh] with the rizz."

MAFS' Josh White and Janelle Han
MAFS fans were left stunned after Josh White unveiled a dramatic transformation in a TikTok video with Janelle Han. Photo: Instagram/Janelle Han

Duncan James, who appeared on the show with the pair this season, commented, "Don’t know what’s going on here but I like it."

"Why is Josh now the fittest of the whole MAFS crew?" one follower said.

"Josh man! You’re looking sexy!!!" another added.


"Why's he so fit now," a third wrote.

"Wait a minute - is this the same Josh? Hot dang," one surprised user said.

"God damn that man is handsome," another commented.

"Wow, he looks completely different," one stunned follower added.

MAFS' Josh White
Josh during his time on the show. Photo: Nine

"He looks insanely incredible totally different to when on MAFS!" yet another MAFS fan wrote.

"Dad turns daddy," someone else joked.

Others suggested he looked younger, "Josh looks 20 years younger with that haircut," one user wrote, with Josh replying, "21 YASSSSSSSS!"

Some didn't realise he has two different coloured eyes, which is known as heterochromia.

"How did I never realise @whitej81 has one blue and one brown eye!?!?!" one follower commented. "The whole series, never noticed!"

Josh jokingly replied, "To be fair, I wasn't on the screen much."

Josh explains reason behind transformation

MAFS' Josh White interview
Josh unveiled his new look soon after his finale episode on the show aired earlier this year. Photo: Nine

It comes after Josh shared the reason for his style transformation after leaving the show, with a fan asking him in a Reddit Q&A earlier this year why he changed his style from "dorky" to "fashionable" after the show.

“I didn’t think I dressed dorky on the show. I did think I came across dorky on the show but I don’t think that’s me in real life,” he started. “But you touch on something important. I did continue to train hard after my time on the show ended — I was weighing 94kgs when I went on the show and since then have gotten down to 91kgs.”

He also added that since he left the show, he has made a point of getting outside more which has given him a tanned look.


However, his decision to change his hair and grow facial hair was “intentional”, to protect his young children.

“[I wanted] privacy for my children when I am out with them. It was to distance myself as much as possible from the person on the screen, so that I could continue to live a normal life,” he admitted.

“You’ve got to realise how tough it is when you walk places and people notice you and have seen you cry and break down.”

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