MAFS' Caitlin to 'return to the show and get married again'

Viewers have been rallying for the Married At First Sight bride to get a second chance at love.

Married At First Sight's Caitlin McConville exited the experiment during Sunday night’s episode following her disastrous and short-lived marriage to Shannon Adams, but that may not be the last time viewers get to see the fan-favourite bride.

Several sources tell Yahoo Lifestyle that Caitlin could potentially return to the show next year, similar to how season six’s Elizabeth Sobinoff came back as an intruder the following season.

MAFS’ Caitlin McConville walking in the airport.
MAFS’ Caitlin McConville might return to the show next season. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

“Caitlin was ready to give everything to the experiment but was matched with a dud who was still in love with his ex,” an insider tells us.

“The powers behind the show feel she was done dirty, viewers think she was done dirty, and bringing her back for a second chance isn't out of the question if she's still single when filming starts in August.”


This comes after Caitlin confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that she would be interested in re-entering the experiment for season eleven.

“Look, if I was single and I hadn't found somebody yet, I would definitely be open to coming back,” she said, before quickly adding, “But I’m hoping to have found somebody by then!”

MAFS’ Caitlin McConville.
‘I think my experience was what my experience was meant to be and I've learned a lot from it.’ Photo: Channel Nine

'Grateful for the opportunity'

Despite being matched with one the most unavailable grooms the show has ever seen, Caitlin told Yahoo Lifestyle there isn’t anyone else on her season she would have preferred to have been married to.

“I don't really think there's anyone I wish I was matched with,” she said. “I feel like I’d be taking away from the other couples and their journeys.


“I think my experience was what my experience was meant to be and I've learned a lot from it.”

She added that she’s feeling “really good” about how everything turned out and believes “everything happens for a reason”.

“I've met some amazing people from the experience that I will be friends with forever, so my life post-show has been amazing,” she shared. “I’m sad about how things went but I’m grateful for the opportunity anyway.”

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