MAFS fans divided over Holly's commitment ceremony letter: 'Give her a Logie'

Married At First Sight bride Holly Greenstein has left viewers divided after she broke down in tears during Sunday night’s explosive commitment ceremony.

The 36-year-old had to attend the event by herself after her ‘husband’, Texan groom Andrew Davis, walked out of the previous night’s dinner party and chose to leave the experiment.

MAFS' Holly reading out her letter.
MAFS’ Holly Greenstein delivered a powerful speech during Sunday night’s commitment ceremony. Photo: Channel Nine

While chatting with the trio of experts about her failed relationship, Holly decided to read a letter to her fellow participants confronting them over their lack of support.

“Not long ago we were all single people in a room going to extreme lengths to find love,” she began through stifled tears and heavy breaths.

“I worked hard to show you all who I was, to show you respect and courtesy. I wanted to be your friend and support you all through this, but you all very quickly forgot what it was like walking in alone and single into a room full of couples not feeling like enough.

“I have been alone this entire journey and I came into the room hoping for support I felt I earned, and I walked in the villain.”


Holly went on to say that she felt completely alone when the group chose to side with Andrew at the dinner party and seemingly did not believe her version of events.

“I got attacked and you couldn't see it, instead you judged me,” she continued. “This man went to such lengths to make me look bad when I walked into the room last night. You all felt assured that I didn't try hard enough and he needed another chance.

“Andrew took my voice and he silenced me. This is my voice and believe me, I am here to speak right now for the people in a relationship who have been silenced and who are not believed.”

MAFS' Holly.
Holly said that her partner Andrew Davis had ‘silenced’ her. Photo: Channel Nine

The speech was met with a mixed reaction from fellow brides and grooms, who went on to argue about the accuracy of what Holly was saying.

One of this season’s strongest couples, Olivia and Jackson, said they thought she was being immature for rolling her eyes and refusing to greet Andrew at the last dinner party.

Selin then rushed to Holly’s defence and asserted that she wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt from the group because Andrew had entered the room first and he is a great speaker.

MAFS' Olivia and Jackson.
Olivia and Jackson didn’t fully believe everything Holly had to say. Photo: Channel Nine

Viewers on social media were also divided over the impassioned speech from Holly, who has previously worked as an actress, and whether or not she was being completely genuine.

“Holly just gave a performance of a lifetime. Give her a Logie now!” one person wrote, while another joked, “Omg I really hope Holly thanks the Academy”.

“Holly’s gonna be great on Home and Away, this is a great audition tape,” a different user tweeted.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of people who sided with Holly and believed her letter.

“I’m glad Holly used her voice. I for one have learned a lot from this,” one fan shared.

“I wish I could hold Holly’s hand,” another added, followed by someone else who said, “Good on you Holly, you deserve so much better”.

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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