MAFS’ Ella speaks out after shock dinner party clash: ‘Completely forgot’

Married At First Sight star Ella Ding has spoken out following her partner Mitchell Eynaud’s shock outburst at Wednesday night’s dinner party when he said he “doesn’t care” about their future together.

While the evening mainly focused around Holly and Andrew’s self-proclaimed “toxic” relationship, the experiment’s most passionate couple left both experts and viewers stunned with their brutal conversation.

MAFS' Ella and Mitchell.
MAFS fans called out Mitchell’s ‘horrible and dismissive’ behaviour towards his wife Ella. Photos: Channel Nine

Ella began by opening up to fellow participants Selina and Cody about her ‘marriage’ and asked Mitchell if he saw their relationship moving forward outside of the experiment.

“We’re two weeks in, who f**king knows? Who cares to be honest?” he snapped, leaving Ella to admit that she cared and his comments made her feel undervalued.

“Well that’s your own f**king problem for being insecure,” he continued. “How am I supposed to reassure you? I’m hugging you, I’m touching you… I’m trying my god damn best.

“Anyone on the street can tell you that you look good and try and get in your pants. I’ve already had sex with you. That’s it, done. You’re on my f**king board, done.”


Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle following the explosive incident, Ella revealed that she and Mitchell didn’t even remember clashing at the dinner party until it was brought up at the commitment ceremony.

“When the experts pulled us up on the couch the next day, we actually completely forgot about the disagreement,” she admitted.

“We didn't realise there was this big deal. We literally woke up the next day, happy as Larry, and then we got called up on it and we were like, ‘Oh we had a fight last night?’.”

MAFS' Ella and Mitchell smiling.
Ella admits that she and Mitchell had forgotten about their fight the next day. Photo: Channel Nine

The 27-year-old bride went on to say that Mitchell “was never really good” at giving her compliments and verbal affirmations because it wasn’t something that came naturally to him.

“For me, even at the wedding I was saying he has beautiful eyes, he smells beautiful. I'm just like that. But for him, compliments aren't something that he also needs to receive so therefore he doesn't really know how to give,” she explained.

“And I have made comments saying it would be nice if he gave me that verbal validation because it makes me feel good about myself, or it makes me feel like he’s admiring me. But for him, it’s sort of different.”

While fans on social media were clearly frustrated with Mitchell’s actions, describing his behaviour as “horrible and dismissive”, Ella confessed that she has been avoiding reading online comments while the show is on-air.

“I don't actually have any social media because obviously Channel Nine take over your account and I don't have a fake account, so I'm staying clear of it because of the negativity that can really affect your mental health,” she detailed.

“I'm just trying to take the backseat and enjoy the show and not have background noise because there's already a lot going on. I know other participants are doing it and I know that it is affecting them and I'm like, guys, honestly just get off the media. It’s going to do absolutely no good for you, not for this period of time.”

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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