MAFS fans call out Selin’s behaviour after first dinner party: ‘Not okay’

Married At First Sight viewers have blasted Selin Mengu’s behaviour over the way she treated her ‘husband’ Anthony Cincotta at the first dinner party of the season.

Despite having a romantic wedding and seemingly hitting it off in episode one, the couple’s relationship quickly turned toxic during their honeymoon in Berry, NSW.

MAFS' Selin at the first dinner party.
MAFS viewers have called out Selin for the way she treated her 'husband' Anthony at the first dinner party. Photo: Channel Nine

Anthony claimed that Selin had been belittling him when the cameras weren’t rolling, calling him a “princess” and saying he was having a “boohoo” after he had opened up to her and shown his sensitive side.

The TV groom then slammed his bride for tearing him down and decided to leave the honeymoon a day early.

Selin, who told the cameras that she felt like she was “a little bit of the victim”, ended up entering Monday night’s dinner party first and quickly rallied her fellow female participants together to share what she believed to be her side of the story.


“He just wanted some time. I mean, we had a bit of a moment,” she began. “I’m not gonna throw him under the bus… But he said what he had to say and then he would storm off. He just wasn’t able to communicate.”

The show’s experts were clearly unimpressed with Selin’s actions as they watched on from the other room, with Alessandra Rampolla sarcastically remarking: “It’s a good thing she’s not throwing him under the bus”.

“Selin is gathering in the troops. She is making all the girls form opinions before Anthony enters the room,” John Aiken added.

.MAFS' Selin talking to her fellow female participants at the first dinner party.
Selin gathered her fellow female participants together to throw Anthony under the bus. Photo: Channel Nine

‘You cannot communicate’

As the couples sat down for dinner, Anthony was left shocked when he realised everyone had heard Selin's version of what had gone down during their honeymoon.

“Wow, obviously Selin had told everybody her side of the story already. It threw me off guard, I wasn’t expecting that,” he said. “I thought she would be a little bit more respectful to the situation because I don’t want to sit there and sort of have a ‘he said, she said’ argument in front of everybody.”

Fellow brides Domenica and Tamara immediately took Selin's side and pushed him for his side of the story, despite him saying he would like to speak with his 'wife' privately.

The couple eventually went into another room to discuss the issue and Anthony apologised for leaving the honeymoon early and said that he hopes they can move forward.

Selin, however, refused to accept his apology and said that she couldn’t move past the fact that he had “up and left”.

“My perspective is, the reason why we’re in this situation is because you left. That’s the issue, you cannot communicate,” she said, leaving the MAFS experts unimpressed with her conflict management.

MAFS' experts looking unimpressed.
The MAFS experts were unimpressed with the way Selin reacted to Anthony’s apology. Photo: Channel Nine

‘It’s not okay’

Following the episode, fans online labelled Selin’s actions as “mean” and accused her of “weaponising sisterhood” for her own gain.

“Selin, the reason why you're in this situation is not because Anthony left the honeymoon a day early, it's because you bullied him into walking away from a very toxic situation,” one person tweeted.

“Selin, we get it, he left, get over it. You don’t have a valid argument, stop going around in circles and saying ‘you left’. Admit your fault. You know you’re in the wrong and have nothing better to say,” another added.

MAFS' Selin without her wedding ring.
Selin was recently spotted without her wedding ring. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

“If we are being serious for a minute, Selin’s views and actions help facilitate toxic masculinity,” a third shared. “Those kinds of views are why so many men do not express their feelings, and in some cases bottle up depression which can lead to serious consequences. It’s not okay.

“Being emotionally vulnerable isn't easy, let alone for men due to societal pressures of masculinity. That Selin has flagrantly dismissed this and felt uplifted badmouthing her partner over issues so minor, only amplifies these pressures. No wonder some men don't talk,” a different user wrote.

While fans will have to wait to see how the couple progress in the experiment, Selin was recently photographed without her wedding ring while running errands in Sydney.

Married At First Sight continues on Channel Nine and 9Now tonight at 7:30pm.

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