MAFS’ Domenica says she isn’t worried about her edit: ‘I’m so proud’

It’s common with reality TV shows that contestants end up feeling less than impressed with their on-screen portrayal, often leading them to blame what’s commonly referred to as ‘the edit’.

Domenica Calarco, however, couldn’t be more proud of the way that she’s been shown so far on season nine of Married At First Sight.

MAFS' Domenica Calarco at her wedding.
MAFS bride Domenica Calarco says she’s ‘so proud’ of how she’s come across on TV so far. Photo: Channel Nine

The Italian bride, who is paired with Jack Millar in the experiment, has opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle about her experience and admits that she has no fears of being portrayed in a bad light on TV.

“I know my story and how Jack and I's journey in the experiment was, and I was never worried about ‘the edit’ because I know the person that I am and I’m proud of the person I am and I've owned everything and I think that's the beauty of the experiment,” she says.

“If you just kind of own who you are, then there's no such thing as a bad edit. So I'm really proud of how I've come across and Jack and I’s journey so far. I'm so proud.”


Upon meeting for the first time at the altar, Domenica and Jack quickly realised that they share a number of similarities, including their Italian heritage, their love for dogs and the fact that they’re both vegans.

While fans will have to wait to see how the ‘power couple’ progress in the experiment, the 28-year-old make-up artist assures that she and Jack both went on the show “for the right reasons”.

“I think there’s just so much crap out where people are like, ‘Oh it's all fake’, and that couldn't be further from the truth,” she details.

“I mean, the only thing giving that away is that there are bloody cameras everywhere and you've got a microphone on you, but other than that, it is so personal and intimate and it is all about you.”

MAFS' Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar at their wedding.
Domenica assures that she and Jack went on MAFS ‘for the right reasons’. Photo: Channel Nine

‘Strap in’

Domenica, who’s been described as “loud, honest and bold” in her bio, also teases that fans should prepare themselves for a “confronting” season with big personalities.

“I think what people will get to know about me is that I speak my mind and I own up to all of my own shit,” she says.

“Other people, not so much, and that gets them in strife. So I think you’ll just see a lot of human nature come out really.

“Putting so many different personalities together in a group, things are bound to happen. I think it's very relevant to society today, a lot of issues that come up, and I think people are going to relate to it. It's very, very interesting, so strap in.”

One thing viewers might not have to worry about, however, is the current state of Domenica and Jack’s relationship.

Both participants currently follow each other on Instagram, and Jack was recently photographed in Sydney with his wedding ring still on.

MAFS' Jack Millar wearing his wedding ring out in public.
Jack was recently photographed with his wedding ring still on, suggesting that he and Domenica go all the way. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

Married At First Sight continues on Channel Nine and 9Now tonight at 7:30pm.

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