MAFS fan stunned by hidden Kmart detail in wedding photo

Eagle-eyed fans noticed a $5.50 Kmart item in Evelyn's wedding photo.

An eagle-eyed Married At First Sight fan has spotted a Kmart detail in one of the bride's wedding photos.

Intruder Evelyn Ellis married Rupert Bugden during Monday night's episodes, with photos of the couple showing the bride wearing a strapless white dress and long white gloves.

She was holding a bouquet of peonies, which a fan pointed out looked very similar to artificial flowers sold at Kmart.

The discount department store sells bunches of artificial peonies for just $5.50, with a MAFS fan sharing the wedding photo to a Kmart Facebook page suggesting the bride was holding the bargain bouquet.

Many flocked to the comments to mock Channel Nine for seemingly giving the bride the fake flowers to pose with.

A red circle around a bouquet held by Evelyn in her wedding photo (left) and a fake Kmart bouquet (right).
MAFS fans believed Evelyn was holding a fake bouquet sold at Kmart for $5.50. Source: Channel Nine/Kmart

"Claaaassssyyyyy," one said.

"Must have blown their budget on intimacy week boxes that nobody used," another fan joked.

"She certainly doesn't come across as a Kmart shopper though," a third added.


Other fans said they had also noticed a number of other Kmart items in the stars' rooms at the Skye Suites.

While Evelyn carried a beautiful colourful bouquet as she walked down the aisle to Rupert, it appears she posed with fake flowers for a promotional shoot prior to the show airing.

Fan spots editing fail during honeymoon

MAFS fans have been clearly keeping a close eye on the show this season, with a fan pointing out a strange detail during a couple's honeymoon earlier this week.

The show's other intruders Tayla Winter and Hugo Armstrong were having a tense conversation during a dinner about what Tayla asked the experts for in a partner when a fan noticed an editing fail.

As Tayla told Hugo she got the impression he wasn't very sporty, she had a full plate of dessert sitting in front of her.

Tayla with a plate of food in front of her (left) and no plate in front of her (right).
MAFS fans spotted an editing fail during Tayla's tense conversation with her 'husband'. Source: Channel Nine

As the conversation continued, Tayla took a bite of her food before the camera then showed Tayla having a swig of wine with her meal looking intact as if nothing has been eaten.

Then after Hugo claimed she had been a "b***h the entire time", she scoffed and flicked her hair as the camera panned back to her, but now there was no plate in front of her.

After again showing the plate half-eaten, the full meal then later appears back on the plate, showing the conversation was not played out in the order it happened.

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