MAFS EXCLUSIVE: The truth about Duncan and Alyssa's spat

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle the pair's conversations were very different away from the cameras.

It was a dramatic commitment ceremony on MAFS last night, with Alyssa storming out of the room after breaking down on the couch over her relationship with Duncan. The 35-year-old executive assistant got emotional in front of the experts as she detailed why she doesn't believe Duncan understands her son is her top priority in life.

However, a well-placed insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that the discussions between the pair about Alyssa having a child were very different away from the cameras.

Duncan and Alyssa on MAFS
Conversations reportedly looked very different for Duncan and Alyssa away from the cameras. Photo: Channel 9

“Duncan knew Alyssa had a son from the very start of the experiment and always reassured her that he understands her child will always come first,” the insider said.

“Alyssa would head back home to the Northern Beaches most weekends to see her son and Duncan was fully understanding, patient and happy to be as involved as she wanted him to be.

“But over time she shut him out and would shut down chats about how their relationship might grow away from the experiment, and him one day meeting the child. Duncan tried but after a while there was only so much he could say or do.”


MAFS 2023 Alyssa wearing pink
Alyssa walked off set on last night's show. Photo: Channel 9

The insider added that towards the end of the experiment, the pair were “living like strangers” and Duncan would spend his spare time catching up with friends in Sydney.

The couch clash came after Alyssa lashed out at her ‘husband’ for not paying enough “attention” to her on the couples' retreat in the Southern Highlands.

As the pair were getting ready for the girls’ and boys’ night, Alyssa declared that she was sick of Duncan ‘ignoring her’ all day and then refused to give him a hug.

The Utah-born blonde then vented to the other ‘brides’ about her spat with Duncan, shocking the group by announcing he ‘isn’t her type’.

MAFS 2023 Duncan and Alyssa.
According to a well-placed source, the pair were “living like strangers” towards the end of the experiment. Photo: Channel 9

However, last week, Yahoo Lifestyle revealed that the couple’s relationship started to crumble way before the couples’ retreat.


According to an insider, producers edited out any issues Alyssa and Duncan had to “keep the dream alive” for MAFS fans.

Leaked snaps of the couple arriving for the third dinner party, aired two weeks ago, reveal that the pair refused to look at each other upon arrival. Producers urged the golden couple to “put on an act” before stepping on set.

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