MAFS EXCLUSIVE: The bizarre twist in Sara and Tim's relationship after final vows

An insider has claimed Sara left the country straight after final vows.

Married At First Sight's Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell shocked fans across Australia on Monday night when they left the experiment together, with the groom forgiving his bride for meeting up with her ex-boyfriend during production.

Yet in a bizarre twist, the couple quickly went their separate ways after filming their final vows ceremony and only met up a few days before filming the reunion.

Sara and Tim arrive at MAFS reunion
Sara and Tim were all smiles when they arrived at the MAFS reunion. Photo: Supplied

"Sara flew to Bali with Lauren for a big girls holiday as soon as filming wrapped and spent weeks there," a show source tells us. "The majority of the cast assumed she and Tim never ended the show together because she just left the country and was living it up with her girlfriends."

The insider adds that Sara only returned “a few days before filming the reunion”, where Yahoo Lifestyle obtained pictures of her arriving holding hands with Tim.


Meanwhile, another insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Sara’s trip to Bali was planned “way before” she went on the reality show and she had actually invited Tim to join her.

“Sara flew to Bali to celebrate her 30th birthday with five friends and it was all locked in before she filmed MAFS,” the source shares, adding that it was a “complete coincidence” that Lauren happened to be there at the same time.

“Before final vows, she invited Tim to join her and he was keen but unfortunately had to stay in Australia when something came up. They spoke every day while she was away and he stayed with her in Sydney for a week before attending the reunion.”

Sara yells at Tim during MAFS reunion
Tim and Sara are said to break up at the MAFS reunion. Photo: Nine

Explosive reunion trailer

A preview for Sunday night's explosive reunion episode shows Sara and Tim appearing to break up at the dinner table in front of their co-stars, as Jono looks to reveal something Tim allegedly said about Sara.

It was revealed earlier this year that Tim is now in a relationship with a new woman named Barbara, with the new couple photographed kissing on the street after spending the day running errands together.

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