MAFS' Eden Harper slams partner Jayden after wild night out with Lauren: 'Embarrassing'

Eden has called Lauren and Jayden's drunk antics 'disrespectful'.

There may be trouble in paradise for Married At First Sight power couple Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud after he was spotted out with fellow MAFS star Lauren Dunn with Eden nowhere to be seen.

The dancefloor antics of the pair fuelled speculation amongst MAFS fans that the two were flirting, with an insider previously telling Yahoo Lifestyle that Eden was also at the club earlier in the evening but she left because her partner was “ignoring her”.

“Jayden wasn’t talking to Eden at all which was very noticeable and made everyone feel uncomfortable, so she decided to go home when they went from one club to another,” the source said.

“At the next venue, Jayden and Lauren arrived arm in arm and were very close the whole night. She was all over him, but he was definitely enabling it.”

Lauren and Jayden dancing on a night out
Lauren and Jayden were spotted looking flirty on a night out. Photo:

Now Eden has spoken to Daily Mail, labelling the behaviour of both Jayden and Lauren as "disrespectful".


"I think both of their behaviour on that night was quite disrespectful of me," Eden told the outlet. "It felt almost a little bit intentional from Lauren's half to hurt my feelings, and maybe Jayden as well."

She said she also felt embarrassed by the behaviour that she said was "inappropriate and a bit trashy".

"I feel a little bit embarrassed by it if I'm being completely honest. However, I think it's more embarrassing for them than it is for me," she said.

Eden and Jayden during final vows on MAFS
Eden and Jayden during final vows. Photo: Nine


Lauren however, has brushed off any romance rumours between herself and Jayden after the videos went viral on social media.

"We went to Oxford Street and we're all dancing on this podium with fans and surrounded by, you know, we're in a gay club and it was awesome," she said.

"I'm definitely not making a move on Jayden. Not Jayden, the kid's about six years younger than me, and he's just, he's not for me. And he's with Eden, apparently."

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