MAFS fans threaten to 'boycott' show over 'fake' drama: 'Disappointing'

Some Married At First Sight fans believe the producers have gone too far.

MAFS viewers were shocked on Monday night after the experts issued their most controversial challenge yet. Each couple was ordered to ‘swap partners’, living with their new ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ for three days.

Melinda Willis and Harrison Boon have been at each other’s throats throughout the experiment, so in a cruel twist, the producers made them move in together. Layton Mills, Melinda’s ‘husband’, wasn’t happy about living with Bronte Schofield, resulting in a fiery spat between the couple.

Bronte Schofield at a MAFS dinner party
MAFS fans weren't happy with the latest twist introduced by producers. Photo: Nine

While the new twist undoubtedly ramped up the onscreen drama, some fans weren’t happy with how much MAFS has changed over the years. In fact, a number of viewers floated the idea of ‘boycotting’ the show to share their ‘disappointment’ with Channel Nine.

“Am I the only one thinking of boycotting this show in protest of change? Hoping low ratings make these producers see how they’re ruining a once upon-a-time entertaining show to watch,” one irate fan wrote.


“In what universe do couples say, ‘Hey, let’s swap partners for a few days?’…Imagine an insecure couple having to go through this torture. So disappointing MAFS.”

It wasn’t long before other fans added their opinions in the comments.

Layton and Melinda having a fight on MAFS
Layton and Melinda had a heated spat over the couple swap challenge. Photo: Nine

“This three-day partner swap is just ridiculous and only aimed at causing drama and friction. No one in the real world who is in a relationship does this, so why force it upon MAFS contestants? In previous seasons, couples have spent an afternoon with another couple, which is fine, but to have them sleep in the same bed and live together for three days just takes this experiment too far,” one viewer agreed.

“Agree, I’m jumping ship tonight never to return. It has become a total farce,” another added.

“Perhaps we should all start a movement. I will boycott from here on in but I alone will make no difference. Come on ladies and gents, let’s kick this show to the kerb and show producers that it’s not on,” a third suggested.

“It’s not the same as it used to be. People just wanting their hour of fame,” another remarked.


However, there were some people who defended the couple swaps, saying they understood where the experts were coming from.

“I like it! A good way to appreciate your own partner more, and maybe learn a few different ways of doing things. I can’t understand why this upsets people. The whole premise of this show is making two strangers share a bed together!!” a fan wrote.

“I think that’s part of the point. A healthy relationship isn’t insecure. It will bring those insecurities to view, to be worked on,” another pointed out.

“It was to get another person’s perspective, it wasn’t to encourage cheating. It was helpful for some of the couples but not Layton and Mel, that was the producers being ***holes,” a third added.

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