MAFS star Hayley Vernon blows thousands of OnlyFans earnings

The adult performer has promised to take her finances more seriously.

Former MAFS contestant Hayley Vernon has admitted to blowing thousands of dollars last year. The reality star turned OnlyFans content producer took to her Instagram stories to reveal that she hasn't been very smart with money over the past 12 months.

"What does it take to blow $10,000 a year? Just $27.40 a day in miscellaneous spending. This hits home," Hayley wrote in the post.

Hayley Vernon and David Cannon on MAFS in 2020
Hayley Vernon as she was when she appeared on MAFS in 2020 where she "wed" truck driver David Cannon. Photo: Nine

"Last week I saved about $280 in a week by not eating breakfast out and that wasn't including all the lunches I would normally eat out. This year: one meal out a week. Even though I make great money, it's time to be smart. The money I earn now is not going to last forever. This year I'm living like I would have five years ago, and seriously I'm happier for it."

Hayley revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle last year that as well as earning up to $1.3 million on OnlyFans, she had also joined a private escort service where she charges $750 an hour for a "girlfriend experience" or $950 an hour for a "porn star experience" with a minimum of two hours.

Hayley Vernon in her MAFS wedding dress
Hayley has now gone back to basics and is keeping an eye on her finances. Photo: Nine

"I'm in the adult industry; I have sex for a living," she said. "I have top-tier customers wanting the experience and I, on the other hand, need men to film with."

Hayley has come a long way since working as a finance broker who struggled with drugs.

"I never thought I'd be a girl in this situation. I was an ice addict for the biggest part of my adult life. The way in which my life is today, I could never, ever have imagined. [A few years ago] I was stealing food from Woolies and Coles, how does this happen?"

Hayley Vernon
Hayley has parlayed her reality TV appearance into a successful career in the adult industry including an OnlyFans site, work as an escort and winning Best Newcomer Female Porn Star at The Adult Industry Choice Awards. Photo: Facebook/Hayley Vernon

And having had the past she's had, Hayley realises that in 2023, she has to be smart with her money.

In a follow-up post, Hayley added: "I realised a few things last year... I was treating myself so often that my treats just became my lifestyle. I was bored because I could just get what I wanted when I wanted.

"I wasn't respecting the money I was earning and how much I would've, just a few years earlier. Don't get me wrong, I was appreciative and grateful and still am, but I was being reckless to a degree."


"All I can say is, over the past two weeks, I've been the happiest I've been and that's from going back to basics, and there's a level of accomplishment that comes with that. I was being a flog and I'm not a flog," she added.

Hayley Vernon in red lingerie
Hayley has admitted to having multiple cosmetic procedures to enhance her appearance. Photo: Facebook/Hayley Vernon

But those cutbacks are not stopping Hayley from spending money where she needs to. The Married At First Sight alumnus also recently revealed she will be doubling the size of her breast implants later this year.

"I'll be going from 450 to 700ccs," she revealed in another Instagram story. "I also have capsular contracture of my now implants so they need to be fixed ASAP," she explained.

No stranger to cosmetic procedures, Hayley has also admitted to having nose and eyelid surgery, fillers and botox in the past as well.

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