MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Stars pictured 'clashing and crying' at Bondi Beach

Two of the 2024 MAFS stars. Lauren and Sara, were pictured having a heated discussion in Bondi last week.

It looks like the stress of their season of Married At First Sight currently airing across the country may have put a strain on the close friendship Lauren Dunn and Sara Mesa formed during filming.

The girls were pictured in high spirits while enjoying a boozy lunch with friends at North Bondi Fish on Thursday afternoon, before leaving the group with things then looking tense between the pair.

As they strolled from the venue down to the beach promenade, they first walked with their arms around each other, before stopping and seemingly having an argument in front of confused onlookers.

The MAFS brides spent several minutes having an animated-looking discussion before Sara eventually started to tear up and was consoled by her friend, with Lauren giving her a hug.

Lauren and Sara arguing MAFS
Things looked tense between Lauren and Sara after an afternoon in Bondi. Photo: Supplied


It looked like the girls then managed to put any differences aside as Lauren continued hugging Sara until their Uber arrived and they left Bondi Beach together.

Are this year's MAFS girls still good friends?

After starting the season with strong friendships, on screen it appears Lauren and Sara have drifted apart from other brides Tori and Eden as they've focused in on their relationships, and after Eden outed Sara for catching up with an ex-boyfriend.

Eden, Sara, Lauren and Tori on MAFS
Eden, Sara, Lauren and Tori all started off as close friends on MAFS. Photo: Nine

Lauren said in a recent interview despite the drama she still holds a friendship with Eden.


"Eden and I definitely had a friendship, and we continue to have a friendship,” she told Daily Mail Australia. She also said she was disappointed in how the information about Sara hanging out with her ex got back to the group. “It definitely didn’t ruin the friendship. I was just disappointed with how it was it came out.”

"I did know about Sara meeting up with the ex, Eden knew, I knew that nothing happened and it was honestly a non-issue,” Lauren continued. "However, I can say in hindsight that it was very hurtful to Tim to find out the way he found out, because lying about something makes someone feel like there’s something to hide."

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